One Punch Man Webcomic Chapter 146: Garou Gets Attacked!

Garou OPM
One Punch Man

After a long hiatus from ONE, who had been working on his new manga, the One Punch Man webcomic is back!

Chapter 146 of the webcomic is here, and we see everything from Blue’s situation to Garou’s current life and Neo Heroes’ newest set of heroes as well!

One Punch Man Webcomic Chapter 146:

The chapter starts with Drive Knight looking at the city from a roof, noticing some high-end units showing up to stir up trouble.

Blue and his small team of Neo Heroes decide to take them on. Blue engages the high-end units while his team deals with the infantry-type robots.

Blue manages to destroy a few of them, when other Neo Heroes join him.

opm webcomic

A Neo Hero, who looks like a sumo, shows a new power, which allows heroes to create wind pressure from their palms as effective long-range strikes.

Blue then uses “Fist Cannon” to destroy multiple robots easily. However, Blue is told that he’s fighting too hard and needs to go back to the headquarters to save his energy for the greatest enemy.

Blue doesn’t budge, stating that his powers would be useless if he were to back down now.

The scene changes to Suiryu, who’s a squad leader in Neo Heroes.

He’s facing the second wave of robots.

He says that it’s easy for leaders to deal with such levels of robots, but there is something that bothers him.

The scene changes again as Neo Heroes sends a letter to the Hero Association to let them handle this as it is out of their caliber.

We then see someone calling Blue “big brother”, and talking about Saitama, whom he believes to be the strongest being of all time.

saitama is the strongest opm webcomic

Now, with yet another scene change, we see Garou, who’s started a new job as a construction worker. He’s still putting his powers to use, like protecting the site from attack by the robots.

Suddenly, a new set of robots attack Garou, and their leader is named “Machine God Magnesazua”. However, Garou defeats it in a single strike!

garou webcomic opm

We then see the Stag Beetle hero protecting people from the robots. Meanwhile, a new hero idol group, known as “Neo Bubbly Boys”, who call themselves to be the idols of the new era, are trying to hunt down Amai Mask, who is a monster now.

The chapter ends here.