One Punch Man Chapter 189: King Defeats Atomic Samurai!?

Atomic Samurai wanted to gauge King’s power since he hadn’t yet witnessed a battle with his own eyes!

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One Punch Man Chapter 189 is here, and it seems like King vs Atomic Samurai is inevitable!

The previous chapter focused on Atomic Samurai’s followers as they sought out information regarding Sweet Mask’s true identity.

They then accompanied their master in his search for the King after that.

Atomic Samurai wanted to gauge King’s power since he hadn’t yet witnessed a battle with his own eyes!

One Punch Man Chapter 189:

The chapter is titled “Blade Test”, and we start right at the Sushi place where King and Atomic Samurai bumped into each other!

King becomes nervous, and his King Engine kicks in! Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect of what King felt as it made Atomic and his disciples believe that King is ready to fight!

When Atomic Samurai challenged him, King tried to speak but choked on his food and pointed the hand he was holding chopsticks with towards the S-Class Rank 4 hero!

This only angered the hero as it seemed like King was underestimating him!

The two then made it outside the restaurant, where Atomic waiting for King to attack.

The disciples tried to decipher King’s strategy, and they felt like King was layering feints over feints, ready to make a counter as Atomic attacks first.

However, King was just scared! To avoid fighting, he says “Let’s stop this, Atomic Samurai. Did you forget that it’s Tuesday??” 

He further explains that the atmosphere consists of 80% nitrogen and 20% Oxygen, along with other elements, one of the most unknown being Engawatson.

It reacts with the Ponylezems contained in Ionizing radiation causing the Organophose phenomenon!

He then adds that the last Thursday was a full moon, which means that today at exactly noon it changed to a dual squat phase.

King then used the random things go Jutsu and baited them into believing the “Dolzenabring” reaction!

However, King was ready to confess to being weak, but is once again let off the hook as Atomic believed all his waffle and instead proposes a new challenge: 

He asks King to slice an apple. Atomic Samurai says that he has an unusual skill of learning how a person has lived their life by the way they slice an apple, even if they’re an amateur, similar to palm reading. 

He accepts his disciples in the same way. 

So, King GRABS the sword, sits down, and prepares to cut the fruit!!

30 seconds pass by….then 2 minutes….2 minutes and 15 seconds…. Then finally, after 2 minutes and 40 seconds, King puts the sword down.

He gets up, and starts to leave. While all the swordsmen are left dumbfounded. 

That’s when Atomic Samurai realizes that even though King said he is a novice, he is a master!

He couldn’t even see the movements made by King, in fact, even the apple didn’t notice it! It has been cut, but it doesn’t realize it as King had sliced through the gaps in the atoms! 

This is the same technique that Nichirin takes pride in! King did this while calling himself a novice! 

Atomic Samurai is sweating buckets after realizing that even the blade itself doesn’t realize it was unsheathed.

However, as King is leaving, he admits to himself the reason why he didn’t move for nearly 3 minutes:  he couldn’t unsheathe the Katana!

This inspires Atomic Samurai to go through grueling training, and the chapter ends!