One Punch Man Chapter 188: Atomic Samurai Vs King, Amai Mask’s Truth!

With things heating up between Atomic Samurai and King, things are only getting more interesting!

one punch man chapter 188 king
One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 188 is here, and it has fans excited for what’s to come ahead!

With things heating up between Atomic Samurai and King, things are only getting more interesting!

Let’s take a look at the chapter!

One Punch Man Chapter 188:

The chapter starts off with Atomic Samurai’s A-Class Hero disciples discussing Amai Mask, Rank 1 A-Class Hero.

They’re looking into his past life, but found nothing as he keeps changing his face constantly.

The reason for this seems to be Iai, who felt like Amai had some hidden bloodlust, which he saw during the Monster Association arc.

Iai also states that it looked like he was looking at a monster without a human heart, who was struggling to control itself and become human.

While there is no concrete proof, the three decide to keep a tight look at him.

The scene then changes to the Reborn Council of Swordmasters.

This reborn council includes the son of Zanbai, Shido, and a new waifu, Amahare’s daughter, Yuta!

Nichirin also shows that he is using a prosthetic leg and hand to keep up.

He talks about how circulating one’s ki makes any object a part of the body.

Nichirin shows off his skill by cutting a huge boulder and an apple, that doesn’t even realize that it has been cut.

Atomic Samurai and Nichirin then converse a bit, and it is revealed that Bang has retired from being a pro hero.

Samurai says that he’s looking for different experiences, including understanding the power of King, the S-Class Rank 7 Hero.

After a short, comedic scene of Genos moving into the apartment beside Saitama, we see Atomic Samurai and his disciples at a Sushi restaurant.

Before they could get the best Sushi, someone took it away, multiple times!

Enraged, Atomic Samurai turns around, only to see a familiar face!

It’s King!!! Atomic Samurai states that he didn’t expect to see the strongest man on Earth here.

He then adds that he had come out to meet the S-Class hero, and that he wants to talk for a minute.

The chapter ends here, and it’s clear that Atomic Samurai wants to test King directly!