Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Yuta Okkotsu Survive As Gojo Satoru?

Yuta took over Gojo Satoru’s body using Kenjaku’s cursed technique.

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Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 shocked the entire fan base of the series. Although Gojo had come back in the series, this was not what fans expected.

The chapter revealed that Yuta had used Kenjaku’s cursed technique and taken over Gojo’s body.

Yes, I agree. This is not something we expect good guys to do. Even Sukuna, who ate his own brother, was surprised by this, as he said,

“I didn’t think you were capable of going this far… OKKOTSU YUTA!”

And now that the fight between Yuta in Gojo’s body and Sukuna, the king of curses, has begun, this begs the question,

Will Yuta survive in Gojo’s body, or will he die?

In this article, we will discuss all possible cases with Yuta in Gojo’s body and share what we think will happen.

Sukuna Kills Yuta

One way Yuta could die was by the hand of Sukuna. He has already defeated both Yuta and Gojo, so the possibility of him killing Yuta again is not far fetched.

However, in the current scenario, there are a few things that are in favor of Jujutsu sorcerers.

Firstly, to prevent Gojo’s six eyes from realizing the world cutting slash for the first time, Sukuna made a binding vow to use the technique without any signs or chants.

In return, for all future uses of world cutting slash, Sukuna must chant, make the hand sign of Malevolent Shrine, and also point towards the target.

Although chanting and pointing toward the target is still possible for Sukuna, both of his left arms are amputated, making it impossible to make the hand sign.

Sukuna missing two arms

Furthermore, Yuji and Todo are also present on the battlefield, and they will definitely hinder Sukuna’s attempt to use his technique.

Previously, it was already difficult for Sukuna to predict who Todo would swap and with whom, but with the addition of Yuta in Gojo’s body, it will become a nightmare.

Also, compared to Yuji, Yuta’s attacks will hit him much harder. So in addition to Yuji’s soul damaging punches, Sukuna will also have to face Yuta’s strong physical attacks.

Limits Of Yuta’s Copy Technique

As the chapter revealed, Yuta made Rika copy Kenjaku’s cursed technique after killing him and used it to enter Gojo’s body.

Although this sounds like a great idea, it comes with its own risks.

rika eating kenjaku idea

For those unaware, once Yuta uses his cursed technique and copies someone’s technique, he can only use it for five minutes.

Usually, when five minutes end, Yuta is just unable to use the copied cursed technique, but Yuta’s current situation is not normal.

The thing is, Kenjaku’s cursed technique makes it so that the user’s entire brain get’s transferred to the body.

To know more about Yuta’s cursed technique, read here, and for Kenjaku’s cursed technique, check out this article.

Due to this, three scenarios present themselves,

First, Kenjaku’s technique needs to be constantly activated. This means that after five minutes, Yuta will die inside Gojo’s body. So he will need to defeat Sukuna in five minutes.

Second, Kenjaku’s technique needs to be activated at intervals. If this is the case, then Yuta will be alive for a few moments even after his technique ends, but not forever.

Third, Kenjaku’s technique only requires activation once. This is the best case scenario for sorcerers, as this will mean that even after Yuta’s cursed technique’s effect ends, he will still be alive inside Gojo’s body and live on.

Now, seeing how Gege Akutami has been trying to kill every character in the series, I think the first or second cases of Kenjaku’s technique are more likely to happen.

Although I still have some hopes of Yuta surviving due to the binding vows’ existence,.


Here, what I think Yuta may do if the first or second case becomes true. He can make a binding vow for Kenjaku’s ability to activate only once in return for either never being able to use his original technique again, not being able to copy any new techniques, or for anything else that Yuta can exchange with.

With this, Yuta will be able to stay in Gojo’s body and defeat Sukuna. And yes, I believe that Yuta in Gojo’s body can defeat Sukuna alongside Yuji and Todo.

Yuta and Yuji both saw how Gojo drove Sukuna to the corner and nearly defeated him. It was only because of Mahoraga teaching Sukuna the world cutting slash that Sukuna was able to kill Gojo.

Yuta also saw Gojo fighting Sukuna’s domain and learned how to deal with it. Furthermore, Sukuna’s domain in its current stage is still incomplete, and if it stays incomplete in the upcoming domain battle, the battle will favor Yuta more.

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