Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuta Okkotsu’s Cursed Technique Explained

Rika is like Yuta Okkotsu’s external storage that can store cursed energy, tools, or copied techniques.

JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

In chapter 250 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuta Okkotsu used Sukuna’s cursed technique on the King of the Curses himself.

This sparked the discussion on his cursed technique, and some of you seem kind of confused on how his cursed technique works.

In this article, we will discuss Yuta Okkotsu’s cursed technique and his recently revealed domain expansion.

So without further ado, let’s talk about Yuta’s cursed technique.

Cursed Spirit Rika

Let’s start by clearing up something, Rika is not Yuta’s cursed technique. Rika is a cursed spirit who is connected to him and decided to stay with him Rika’s soul got unbounded by it.


Yuta is a distant relative of the Gojo Clan and thus holds the power to curse others. When he was young, his childhood friend, Rika, died in front of him.

Not being able to bear this shock, he unknowingly cursed her, causing her to become a cursed spirit.

In the aftermath of the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 manga, Yuta was finally able to release her from the curse he had put on her.

However, after Rika’s soul got unbound, the cursed spirit Rika, the Queen of Curses, bequeathed the last vestige of her will.

In short, Rika is the manifestation of her love that she left behind to protect Yuta.

Yuta has more control over this version of Rika and does not require intense emotion to call. However, she still maintains the immature and protective nature of her old self.

She frequently manifests partially and lashes out to protect Yuta without him commanding her to do so.

Rika can also act independently at a fair distance from Yuta to perform separate tasks. She also retained the power she had before.

Complete Manifestation:

Rika also acts as Yuta’s external storage to store cursed energy, tools, or copied techniques. Yuta can access this when he wears the ring.

Wearing the ring allows Yuta to completely manifest Rika and access the cursed energy to replenish his own. Yuta can maintain this connection with Rika for five minutes at a time.

Innate Cursed Technique: Copy

Yuta’s innate technique is copy, and it allows him to copy the cursed techniques of other sorcerers. He can also use multiple techniques in quick succession, allowing him to create strong and deadly combos.

These copied cursed techniques are then stored in Rika, which he can use when connected to Rika via his ring.


Gege Akutsami, the author of the series, has not shared any proper explanation of the conditions required to copy someone’s technique.

However, in chapter 180, we got some hints where Ishigoori realised that Yuta only used Uro’s technique after Rika ate her arm.

This got further solidified when chapter 251 revealed that Yuta copied Sukuna’s cursed technique by eating his last and final finger.

So our current theory is that, for Yuta to be able to copy it, either Yuta or Rika (most probably Rika) should ingest a part of a sorcerer.

We also believe that even blood can suffice for this condition, as Yuta has also copied the techniques of many of his allies.

Yuta is not the type of sorcerer to harm his friends for power, and blood seems like a pretty harmless way to gain new techniques.

All the cursed techniques that Yuta currently has, as of chapter 251, are:

  • Inumaki Toge’s Cursed Speech
  • Druv Lakdawalla’s Shikigami
  • Uro Takako Sky Manipulation
  • Angel’s Jacob’s Ladder
  • Charles’ G Warstaff
  • Sukuna’s Shrine

Now let’s discuss his amazing domain expansion.

Domain Epansion: Authentic Mutual Love

Upon release, the domain creates a unique environment. It looks like a wreckage of cross-shaped structures and katanas scattered around.

The crosses are encircled by ropes tied in knots, symbolizing love.

All the swords scattered around are not for decoration, each sword carries one of the cursed techniques copied by Yuta. These swords and techniques inside them can only be used by Yuta once.

However, Yuta does not know which technique is inside a katana, and only after picking it up can he learn the technique it holds. Furthermore, the infinite number of swords allows Yuta to use the technique any number of times.

The domain also allows Yuta to choose any one of the copied techniques as a sure-hit effect during the specific domain expansion in exchange for the technique being removed from the pool of Katanas.