Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is Kenjaku and What Is His Plan?

In this article, we will tell you what Kenjaku’s plan is!

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Kenjaku is one of the most dangerous villains in anime history.

He is the mastermind behind the collapse of Jujutsu Kaisen’s world, and he planned everything for thousands of years over multiple lives.

Such dedication, but for what? What is Kenjaku’s goal? In this article, we will tell you precisely that!

Before that, we need to know who Kenjaku is. So, let’s dive into it!

Who Is Kenjaku?

During the Golden Age of Jujutsu or Heian Era, the viciousness of the sorcerers was on another level.

They had some of the strongest sorcerers living around. This includes the likes of Yoruzu and Ryomen Sukuna.

Sukuna was more like a natural calamity than a human being or curse.

Even after wreaking havoc and being worshipped by humans just to stay alive, no sorcerer could defeat him.

Furthermore, he found a hidden way to transcend the ages and be reincarnated again. He learned how to split his soul into cursed objects and create 20 fingers.


These fingers were so strong that even the strongest sorcerer, Gojo Satoru, could not destroy them.

How did Sukuna learn this technique? He did not stumble on it; rather, Kenjaku taught him.

This technique was beyond the thoughts of other sorcerers, but Sukuna, being an enlightened sorcerer, managed to do it.

Another sorcerer, Angel, from the same era referred to this reincarnation as going against the laws of God. And thus referred to Sukuna as the disgraced or fallen one. Meaning that this technique was forbidden knowledge, and Kenjaku knew about it.

Angel also revealed that other sorcerers of that time had taken up binding vows with Kenjaku to reincarnate 1000 years into the future. All of that to have a shot at achieving what Sukuna did.

Thus, we can infer that Kenjaku belongs to an era preceding even the Heian era. Possibly from the Nara period, which was between 710 and 794.

This was also when Jujutsu itself was taking shape, with Tengen propagating the moral foundation based on Buddhism.

Furthermore, he was also friends with Tenger herself, proving that he is not only an ancient sorcerer but also has profound knowledge of Jujutsu.

Tengen’s cursed technique was Immortality, thus making it possible for her to live this long, but how did Kenjaku live this long?

This is also possible due to his cursed technique, but it is not immortality. Let’s learn what it is.

What Is Kenjaku’s Cursed Technique?

Kenjaku’s cursed technique might be one of the most hideous cursed techniques in the whole of Jujutsu Kaisen.

His cursed technique is called Brain hopping. It allows Kenjaku to literally hop his brains from one body to another. This is how he has lived this long by switching bodies.

This technique allows him to swap bodies with anyone by transplanting his brain into the body of his target. He can not only enter the bodies of those alive but also those deceased.

Kenjaku brain

Taking over the body leaves a horizontal mark on his host’s forehead. This mark can be healed using the reverse cursed technique. Although, due to an unrevealed binding vow, Kenjaku does not heal the mark.

The transition is seamless, as the brain perfectly connects with the body with such compatibility that even the all-seeing Six Eyes could not discern between the cursed energy of Geto and that of the stranger occupying the body.

His Six Eyes told him it was Geto, but Gojo knew in his soul that it wasn’t the case as he himself had killed his best friend, Geto Suguru.

This perfect connection to the body of the victim also arms Kenjaku with all of the Victim’s cursed energy. And also use the cursed technique of his previous victim in his new body.

Meaning that each time Kenjaku has shifted bodies, he has acquired new cursed techniques to add to his arsenal, whose limit is still unknown.

Now that we know who Kenjaku is and his technique, let’s understand why he created the culling game and what his plan is.

What is Kenjaku’s Plan?

There is an imbalance created due to the existence of Cursed energy, and people like Yuki wanted a permanent answer to this imbalance.

Curses, sorcerers, and non-sorcerers create the Jujutsu society, but they are not equal. The difference between the three beings has been the central point of conflict throughout history.

Yuki’s aim was to remove cursed energy as a whole, which would put all humans on the same playground. This would also remove the cursed spirits from the picture, as they are created from the leaking cursed energy.

This was the point of an unfinished conversation between her and Geto.

Kenjaku, on the other hand, wildly disagrees with Yuki. He doesn’t care about morals and cares only about one thing, “optimizing cursed energy”.

Optimizing cursed energy means that curses and sorcerers will coexist, but not in harmony.

According to Kenjaku, if everyone was converted into a sorcerer and all of them were to fight each other to death, then a certain number of standout people would be left.

These will be more elite and far better than the others. When this happens rapidly on a huge scale, it will lead to the evolution of the whole society.

After the failure of the death painting, Kenjaku states he cannot be the creator of this evolution, as anything he creates will be limited by his own potential.

For this reason, he started the culling games. He planned all of this for thousands of years to create his own battle royale.

The Culling Games utilize 10 colonies to accumulate cursed energy for transcending Japan.

These colonies are connected at the most western point of Japan and end at the boundary lines created by the colonies.

Culling game

There are over 1000 new sorcerers that have entered the culling games, and the cursed energy released from each battle gets collected. This energy then flows from the western point of the colony and moves east, covering all of Japan from colony to colony.

This makes all of Japan affected by the bigger barriers that will transcend Japan to the other side, causing the evolution Kenjaku wants. This “other side” is called Nirvana, the state of being without a sense of self.

Humans will transcend past their humanity and lose their sense of individuality, merging them all into one.

This means one negative thought will overcome everyone, making it a new state of the world.

Essentially, the culling game is just a massive ritual that uses the barriers to trap cursed energy and make all of humanity evolve and merge with Tengen. Which will take away human individuality and thoughts. This increases the power of the negative energy emitted by people.

After Tengen failed to merge with the Star Plasma Vessel, She has become more of a curse, making her susceptible to Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation.

With this, Kenjaku can absorb Tengen and force all the people in Japan to merge with her. Making more than 100 million people into something more like cursed spirits with cursed energy!

These people will be merged together as Tengen holds them in place, which will force them to go through a distillation process similar to the Uzumaki technique.

This will allow Kenjaku to witness what the conglomeration of cursed energy would be like and if he could possibly extract it using the Uzumaki technique.

When he finally begins the merger, the world we know will cease to exist as we enter a new one.

However, it is apparent that this won’t be better, in fact, it will be the worst.

Kenjaku is a being with an endless curiosity and the brain to utilize everything in sight to create scenarios to satisfy the conditions.