Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Nobara Kugisaki Come Back? The Ultimate Copium Theory!

We think she is alive, and in this article, we will discuss why she might be alive and possibly make a comeback!

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In chapter 125 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji’s partner in crime, Nobara Kugisaki, dies at the hands of Yuji’s then-nemesis, the cursed spirit Mahito.

Since that moment, we have not gotten any proper indication of her current status. The series has entered its final arc, and Nobara is still nowhere to be seen.

Is she really gone, or is she alive?

We think she is alive, and in this article, we will discuss why she might be alive and possibly make a comeback!

But first, we must understand how she ended up in that condition.

Nobara’s Death

In chapter 122, Nobara encounters Mahito’s clone in Dogenzaka Alley, where they both engage in fierce combat.

At the same time, Yuji was fighting Original Mahito in the subway. As the two fights went on, we saw Yuji losing to Mahito while Nobara struggled to deal with any real damage to Mahito’s clone.

But this was all according to Nobara’s plan to size up Mahito as she landed her Resonance technique on him.


When resonance is hit, it not only deals physical damage but also damages the opponent. This allows her to attack enemies far away from her if she has a part of their body.

This deals heavy damage to Mahito’s soul, giving Yuji the much-needed upper hand.

Nobara herself realizes the Mahito in front of her is not the real one, and from the fight before, she deduces that the clone can use its cursed technique to harm her.

Because of this, she lowers her gaurd as she chases the cursed spirit.

Mahito also understands this, and he makes a plan to get back to his clone and switch places to foll Nobara and kill her in front of Yuji.

This would serve his purpose of emotionally breaking Yuji, and he also succeeds in doing so.

In the end of Chapter 125, we see the left side of her face right in front of Yuji.

Did Nobara Survive?

After seeing Nobara die in front of him, Yuji breaks from constantly losing his allies and failing his promises, which gives Mahito the chance to attack Yuji and dominate him.

Luckily for Yuji, his Todo arrives and lifts up Yuji’s spirits. Todo also asks Arata to help Nobara, as his cursed technique allows him to seal the wounds. Although they are not healed, they also don’t worsen.

As he heals Yuji, he informs him that Nobara has no pulse or breathing, but she is not dead.

He says that the chance of her survival is not zero. It implies that she may have lived through this predicament.

Another reason why she may have survived is Mahito himself. After touching Nobara’s face, he wonders if Nobara will die.

This is because, when Mahito tried to kill Nanami, he did not die with just one touch. This could also be true for Nobara.

More Clues For Nobara’s Survival

As the series went on, a moment arrived that felt eluding to Nobara’s comeback. When Yuji reunited with Megumi in chapter 144, Yuji asked about Nobara’s status.

Instead of giving any answers, Megumi just stayed silent.


This could mean that she did not survive.

However, Megumi’s hesitancy to tell anything to Yuji might be to not get his hopes up, as Nobara could still be in critical condition and have not received it yet.

Another clue is in chapter 236, where, after Gojo’s defeat, he met everyone from his life who had died in a weird dream-like sequence.

This moment gave us a pretty strong clue that Nobara would come back.

Although Gojo’s conversation was primarily with Geto, Haibara, and Nanami, it showed everyone we knew about Gojo’s life and had died before him.

This even included the one who once defeated and nearly killed him, the sorcerer killer Toji Fushiguro. However, even then, we did not see Nobara in there.

This has led the fans to believe that she is still alive and may join the fight in the final moments.

The community also backs this up with possible work that Nobara is still left to do. especially after Gojo’s death.

That is, to deal deadly damage to Sukuna.

In chapter 222, Uraume apologizes to Sukuna for failing to find the last 20th finger.

Sukuna then informs her that he knows she will fail as Gojo has hidden the final finger to postpone Yuji’s execution.

This was a huge thought, as Sukuna’s finger can help Nobbara create a direct connection to Sukuna’s soul and damage him using her Resonance technique.

However, we disagree with it. As for Resonance technique to work, she first needs to damage the body part for it to be transferred to the soul, but she can’t damage it.

Why can’t Nobara damage Sukuna’s finger? The reason was told from the very start of the series.

When Gojo told Yuji about his execution and his choices, he also explained that Sukuna’s fingers could not be damaged, not even by him.

Someone who nearly killed Sukuna and, without Megumi’s technique, Gojo would have definitely won the battle.

If Gojo can’t destroy that finger, how can Nobara do it?


During the Shibuya Incident, Nobara took really heavy damage and lost her breathing and pulse.

However, as said by Arata, she was not dead at that time.

It also seems that Gege Akutami has been providing multiple clues for Nobara being alive, at the very least.

Thus, we believe that Nobara is still alive and might come back in the series.