Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Did Toji Fushiguro Sell Megumi?

Toji named his son Megumi, which means blessing.

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Megumi Fushiguro had a very weird relationship with Toji Fushiguro.

Even though Megumi is Toji’s son, he doesn’t even remember his face. On the other hand, Toji even forgot that he had a son.

Although he remembers Megumi in his final moments, he tells his killer, Gojo Satoru, that he has sold Megumi to Zenin and he can do whatever he wants.

What did Toji mean when he said that, and why did he want to sell his son?

Well, it is kind of complicated to understand. And for that, we will first need to understand Toji’s relationship with the Zenin Clan.

Who Is Toji?

Toji was born into one of the three great Jujutsu clans, the Zenin Clan. But isn’t he Fushiguro? Are Fushiguro and Zenin related?

Not really; Fushiguro are non-sorcerers and have no connection with Zenin.

Toji was born with a special condition. He was struck by Heavenly Restriction, which reduced Toji’s cursed energy to zero.

Literally zero; even normal humans have some amount of cursed energy.

In return for sapping him out of all of his cursed energy, Toji gained superior physical strength.


The Zenin clan, being one of the three clans, placed great emphasis on the cursed techniques of their family members.

They completely disregard anyone who lacks any cursed technique or energy whatsoever.

According to their elders, if you are not part of Zenin, you are not a sorcerer, and they label those who are not sorcerers as monkeys.

Due to this, Toji was not treated well. He was once tossed into the Zenin family’s pit of cursed spirits as a child, giving him a scar on his face.

It is clear that he hated the Zenin clan, and later he left the Zenin clan.

Although even after leaving the Zenin clan he earned a lot from his job, he spent all the money chasing around women.

Fortunately, all of these calmed down when Toji got married and had a kid with her.

Although her name has not been revealed, her gentle personality was all Toji needed.

She provided Toji with a place to call home and a family that loved him. For the first time in his life, he felt accepted.

He was so grateful to her that he named their son Megumi, which means blessing. Unfortunately, fate had decided something else for him.

Megumi’s mother died due to some unknown cause, and Toji’s unstable mind returned once again. He took Megumi with him and later married Tsumiki’s mother.

This is when Toji removed his family roots and adopted the surname of Tusmiki’s mother, Fushiguro.

Unlike last time, this marriage did not change anything in Toji, and his selfish nature creeped back into his life.

Toji became exactly what he hated the most by not spending time with his kids and eventually abandoning them.

This unstable nature led him to his demise at the hands of the strongest, Gojo Satoru.

Why Did Toji Sold Megumi?

Generally speaking, the 3 Clans have the most powerful known cursed techniques under their wing, and those techniques are hereditary.

90% of a sorcerer’s talent is genetic, and since Toji and Maki did not inherit those, they were deemed outcasts.

Women also aren’t excluded from this sense of discrimination, as we see Gojo affirming that Tsukimi would not be safe if Megumi were to live with the Zenin.

This is one of the reasons why Maki had to rebel against the male-dominant Zenin clan, even if it cost her everything.

Toji, on the other hand, could have killed the entire Zenin Clan, but since he was money-minded and thought he wouldn’t have gained much from doing so.

He also realized that the root of the issue is the system, not the people, just like Satoru Gojo, who decided to nurture the next generation, starting off with Megumi.

Unlike Toji and Maki, Megumi hit the genetic jackpot as he inherited the trump card of the Zenin Clan.

Megumi’s cursed technique is called the Ten Shadows Technique, and if mastered, it can rival Gojo Saturo’s Six Eyes.

Due to this, the Zenin Clan was desperate to get their hands on Megumi. Toji also believed that Megumi’s talent would be properly used by the Zenin clan.

Another reason Toji sold his son was to obtain the money.

The deal he made with Nobito was that if Megumi possessed an inherited technique, the Zenin clan would pay him 10 million yen.

Toji and Naobito's deal

In his final moment, when Toji remembered Megumi, he realized that leaving Megumi with the Zenin clan would be detrimental to his mental health.

This is when he informed Gojo, his murderer, about his son and said, “Do whatever you want.”

Indirectly requesting Gojo’s help. Another smart move Toji made for his son was using Gojo’s fame to benefit Megumi.

This was seen when we learned about the Zenin Clan Head, Naobito’s will.

The first part of the will was exactly what Naoya Zenin expected, which stated that he would be the 27th head of the clan, taking over the role after Ogi and Jinichi’s approval.

But the second part of the will came as an unexpected shock to him. It stated that if Gojo Satoru is dead or becomes mentally incapacitated, then the head of the clan will be Megumi Fushiguro.

Many of you might be asking how we know that Toji indirectly asked Gojo to Megumi when this whole time we are calling him a money-minded, selfish person.

Well, Toji’s love for Megumi was demonstrated when he was revived during the Shibuya Incident Arc.

Granny Ogami used her Seance technique to call upon information about the dead’s soul and flesh.

However, Granny Ogami does not call down information of the soul lest unforeseen circumstances occur.

Toji’s body was unusual due to him being struck by Heavenly Restriction, making his body physically gifted.

He defeated the soul of the medium and was revived in another body with all his memories intact.

Toji literally came back, similar to a reincarnated sorcerer, without Kenjaku’s help!

He annihilated Dagon alone, who was giving a tough time to Naobito, Nanami, Maki, and Megumi. After which he proceeded to fight Megumi.

A match destined to happen to test his boy’s broken abilities. After exchanging blows, Toji’s memories slowly start coming to him.

He finally remembers his son’s potential through an intense flashback with Naobito and the deal he made with him.

Toji then immediately thought about Megumi, reiterating the fact that he cares about him. He then asks his opponent’s name.

By simply hearing Megumi say Fushiguro, Toji says, “Not Zenin, huh?… Good for you.” And then proceeds to kill himself.

Toji kills himself

The reason he killed himself in the end is because he felt he wasn’t needed in this world after seeing his kid grow into the person he himself wanted to be.

But the saddest part is that Megumi did not know that he was fighting his father this whole time.


Toji sold Megumi because he knew the potential Megumi had and believed that his talent would not get wasted at Jujutsu Society. After the death of Megumi’s mother, Toji had lost all his sanity and had become unstable.

He became so unstable that he even forgot about his own son, Megumi. However, at death’s door, he remembered his son.

He then thought that although Megumi’s talent would not go to waste, being with the Zenin clan may deteriorate his mental health.

To prevent this, he informed Gojo about Megumi’s existence and his deal with Naobito. He told Gojo that he could do whatever he wanted with the information.

Later, after being reincarnated when he fought Megumi, his memories came back.

And when he heard Megumi still using the Fushiguro name, he was glad to see his son become what he wanted to be and killed himself.