Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is Takaba’s Cursed Technique? Can He Defeat Kenjaku!

So, what is his Cursed Technique?


Jujutsu Kaisen has some interesting characters, but very few have managed to enter the spotlight, especially the ones that aren’t a part of the main cast.

One such character is Fumishiko Takaba, a failing comedian! He is one of those people whom Kenjaku turned into a sorcerer, having them participate in the Culling Game.

While he fought with Yuji and was strong, most people didn’t see any true potential in him. However, Takaba has turned heads in the recent chapter of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, facing off against Kenjaku!

So, what is his Cursed Technique?

Takaba’s Cursed Technique Explained:

Takaba’s cursed technique is called “Comedian”. Basically, whenever Takaba is sure that something will be funny, it occurs.

For example, if he thinks that someone’s huge radius attack not even scratching him would be funny, it happens.

takaba ct explained jjk

It has even allowed him to heal from injuries without using reversed cursed energy!

It has been stated that this makes it so that Takaba can even rival Gojo Satoru, the pinnacle of sorcery.

However, a big drawback to this is that he is clueless about his cursed technique!

Can Takaba Defeat Kenjaku?

As explained above, it is possible for Takaba to even rival Gojo Satoru or Sukuna. However, in the recent chapter, we’ve seen Kenjaku counter it by crushing Takaba’s confidence.

takaba vs kenjaku jjk

While this certainly makes it hard for Takaba, all it takes is for Takaba to find one joke to be funny, and it will turn the tides of battle.

Hence, it is entirely possible for Takaba to defeat Kenjaku. Still, it is hard to see Kenjaku lose here. Instead, it will be a tough fight for both of them, where Kenjaku will use all of his 1000 years of experience to defeat someone whom he initially considered to be insignificant!