Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Does Nanami Kento Die?

Nanami is also a Grade 1 sorcerer, making him a formidable opponent for even Special Grade curses

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Kento Nanami is one of the most beloved characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. Some love him for being an amazing adult figure for Yuji, while some love him for his hilariously serious nature. Or because of the fact that he’s actually a softy.

Nanami is also a Grade 1 sorcerer, making him a formidable opponent for even Special Grade curses! In the Shibuya Incident Arc, he leads his team, including Megumi and Takuma Ino.

In the arc, many characters face their death due to the extreme situation. No character is far from the death flags.

Naturally, many fans have been wondering about what happened to Kento Nanami.

Does Kento Nanami Die In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2?

Yes, Nanami is dead. Nanami was killed by Mahito after suffering severe damage from previous fights.

Nanami teamed up with Maki and Naobito, the head of the Zennin Clan to help rescue Gojo.

The three encountered an infant Dagon, who quickly matured and became a special grade cursed spirit.

The three attacked him relentlessly to the point that it was stuck in a pinch, where Dagon managed to use Domain Expansion.

His Domain Expansion: Captivating Skandha’s sure-hit attack is: Shikigami fishes that bite into the opponent.

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His domain was too strong for all three of them, they were getting dominated as none of them could use a domain of their own.

Luckily, Megumi showed up to help and used his own domain to allow the three to escape. However, a resurrected Toji showed up, who killed Dagon with ease and took Megumi with him.

This meant that Nanami, Maki, and Naobito were safe, although they had suffered severe damage, with Naobito even losing a hand.

Unfortunately, their trials did not end here, as Jogo showed up to the scene soon enough, and burned all three to a crisp in seconds.

Later, we see Nanami, whose right half is completely burned. 

However, Nanami is still walking, thinking about moving to Kuantan, Malaysia. 

is nanami dead in Jujutsu kaisen

He wants to build a house on a secluded beach there, and read all the books he has bought but never found time to read. 

He then remembers that he is trying to find Fushiguro, and wonders what happened to Maki and Naobito. 

But, Nanami wonders if he still needs to do this. However, he still annihilates a swarm of transfigured humans who try to attack him, and keeps walking straight until he is stopped by a hand to the chest. 

Unfortunately, this hand isn’t friendly; It’s Mahito, the menace. 

Knowing that these are his last moments, Nanami thinks about Haibara, his only friend in Jujutsu High who died. 

Nanami wonders what he was trying to achieve as he ran away from the Jujutsu world, but came back, hoping that his acts will make it worthwhile. 

Then, Haibara visits Nanami, who points at Yuji. Nanami talks to Haibara more, stating that he cannot say something that will become a curse to Yuji, and that it’s not right. 

Nanami tells Yuji that he’s got it from here with a bright smile on his face, and gets blasted into smithereens in the very next moment by Mahito. 

Nanami died right in front of Yuji, who was heartbroken and enraged. And, Nanami’s death only makes it worse for Yuji as the arc nears its end.