Jujutsu Kaisen: How Chapter 242 Foreshadows Gojo’s Revival, Explained

The stage for Gojo’s revival is all set!

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JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

Chapter 242 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga was a wild ride, with Kenjaku and Takaba pulling all the stops to deliver one of the funniest fights in shonen history.

But, that’s not all! It also sets the stage for Gojo’s revival!

How Takaba Will Help Gojo, Explained:

Chapter 242 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga ends with the stage set for Kenjaku and Takaba’s final fight, in front of a large crow. This links it back to Chapter 77 when Gojo was on stage with Geto.

This chapter was titled “Premature Death”, and since we know Takaba can change reality and the imagination of his opponents, Geto’s Memories with Gojo are in Kenjaku, and all he has to do is a one-liner about someone strong, which would be the catalyst for a chain reaction of events of rebirth. 

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With both of them pulling out a bunch of cosplays. Playing rock paper scissors, a game show and I never thought I would see Kenjaku as a cat and a nurse… but here we are.

In the chapter, Kenjaku also brings out a powerful special-grade cursed spirit, whom Takaba one-shots using the power of Truck-kun!

In chapter 240, Kenjaku guessed this ability as the creation of phenomena, that is, the reality and manifestation of his own mental pictures. 

He wasn’t far off, as Takaba’s technique Comedian makes anything he considers funny to become reality. But during this fight, Kenjaku also realized that this power could also impact Takaba’s opponent!

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Now this is an insane ability because it makes Takaba the only person in the story to have a cursed technique that actively messes with the surroundings like a domain would!

In fact, Kenjaku even states that his technique is the resonance of the soul, meaning that he works at the level of the soul.

The last technique we saw impacting the soul was Mahito’s and it was lethal, so no wonder Takaba has the potential to be stronger than Gojo.

While chapter 242 is hilarious as heck, it also highlights that cursed energy in its very base form changes reality.

For example, Sukuna has such precision over it that he adapted it to slice through reality, Gojo could extend reality infinitely, and Todo could alter reality by Boogie Woogie.

The reason why all this makes sense is that curses come from negative human emotions, which come from an innate desire for the world to be different from what it currently is.

To put it into perspective, the death of someone close makes us sad because we want the reality to be different in the sense that they are still alive.

This makes cursed energy just a means for reality manipulation.

It is further proved by how Takaba can literally influence and bring out Kenjaku’s own thoughts, which is why after the truck crashes into the curse, Kenjaku appears as a policeman checking Takaba’s sobriety.

He is asked to breathe into a bag containing a goldfish, and if the fish dies, he’ll be arrested. But, Takaba notices that the fish is already dead, and the scene shifts to a hospital where talented doctors Kenjaku and Takaba try and fail to revive it!

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Coming back to chapter 77, Gege drew the final illustration of Gojo and Geto as friends, showing them on a standup comedy stage.

This chapter was titled Premature Death, where the strongest duo chose their separate paths for good.

However, chapter 242 is clearly referencing this, with Kenjaku deciding to suit up and call Takaba on stage to perform standup!

Yes! The motif of Gojo losing Geto links back to Takaba’s character since he also lost his partner while following his passion for comedy.

He couldn’t understand the reason why continued being a comedian despite failures and why his partner couldn’t feel the same enthusiasm.

We know that Jujutsu Kaisen has insane foreshadowing which makes us wonder how the chances of this being a coincidence are extremely low.

Just think about it, this panel is the only time we saw a “comedy show” art in the manga and it’s of Gojo and Geto! This recreation is too deliberate since Kenjaku has Geto’s body, after all, meaning that…. Gojo is going to return!

Gojo’s New Power After Awakening:

What’s more, is that Lime Green is real. You heard that right! After the nurse gag, Kenjaku and Takaba play rock paper scissors but they both do this, it could mean that the match was a draw. 

Then, they’re transported into a quiz show where we learn about Gojo’s new power!

Yup, the game show host asks a question about particles and Nuclear Physics and Kenjaku replies that the group of sub-atomic particles that create a strong reaction is called Hadron.

While this question seems random, hadrons are actually made of quarks which have 3 colors or “states”- Red, Blue, and Green.

Gojo already has red and blue, which combine to form purple, but when he’s resurrected, he’ll have even deeper quantum knowledge of cursed energy and awaken “Green”.

hollow purple gojo satoru

When all three lights mix, you get “white”. That will be Gojo’s new power!!

What are your thoughts on this theory?