Is Nezuko Immune To Sunlight? Nezuko Conquering The Sun Explained In Demon Slayer

Nezuko’s feat of conquering the sun plays a huge role in the final arc of Demon Slayer. Read on to find out how!

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Nezuko Kamado may be the cutest, most adorable looking character in Demon Slayer, but she does not slide in being a badass when the opportunity presents itself. Her strength grows several fold in her full-fledged demon form, slashing the hell outta Daki & one of Hantengu’s clones.

Like all demons, Nezuko too is affected by sunlight, for which Tanjiro keeps her inside the box throughout the series.

Or is she….?

The Swordsmith Village arc dropped a startling fact about Nezuko that changed our perspective on her FOREVER! Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Warning: Heavy manga spoilers ahead!

Did Nezuko conquer the sun? Is she immune to sunlight?

Nezuko did indeed conquer the sun due to a number of reasons:

  1. Tanjiro bringing back her human self
  2. Urokodaki’s hypnosis
  3. Her connection with the sun breathing techniques
  4. Her bloodline

But before I explain all that, let’s revisit the time when Nezuko conquered the sun.

Tanjiro, Nezuko & Genya managed to kill all of Hantengu’s clones, with only the real Hantegu remained to kill. But that was easier said than done, as the demon was too small and fast for their eyes and legs to catch up. Hantengu may appear like a weakling but never judge a book by its cover as his numerous forms were too strong for even the likes of  Muchiro Tokito, as he wasn’t able to come out of the battle unscathed.

Tanjiro, however, miraculously performs Thunder Breathing to catch up to the Demon. As he was about to slice his head off, Hantengu revealed his Urami form, which acted as a decoy for his real form.

In the midst of battle, Nezuko and Hantengu fall off from a cliff, exposing them to sunlight. This, along with Muichiro’s sword, gave Tanjiro the advantage to kill Hantengu once and for all.

But it came at a price. Nezuko began to disintegrate but Tanjiro chose to go after Hantengu for the sake of doing the right thing. The hero killed the monster with tears in his eyes, assuming that Nezuko had died.

But to everyone’s astonishment, she’s perfectly fine! What’s more, SHE CAN START TALKING!!! HOLY HELL!!!

(Chapter 126)


So how is she immune to sunlight with Demon blood flowing down her veins? Find out right here!

How did Nezuko conquer the sun in Demon Slayer?

As mentioned before, there are 4 reasons why she’s immune to sunlight. Let’s start with the 1st one.

Tanjiro’s drive to bring Nezuko back to her human self

The entire journey of Tanjiro becoming a Demon Slayer is just to revert his sister Nezuko back into her human form. It all began with Tanjiro leaving his house for some coal and coming back to his see his family slaughtered to death.

Except for Nezuko. Because she was turned into a demon.

It was Muzan who turned Nezuko into a demon and killed her family due to their connection to Yoriichi, the man he feared most. Because of the Kamado family’s ties to such a historical figure and the sun breathing dance, Muzan targeted them with the hope of creating a demon capable of withstanding the sun, so that he could consume them and gain the ability for himself.

Tanjiro swore to make her human again and that feeling triggered memories inside Nezuko.

Despite being turned into a demon, Nezuko, using the help of her family, both living and dead, was able to retain her humanity. The fact she kicked Giyu away rather than just pouncing on him and eating him like she tried to do moments before to Tanjiro when she first woke up as a demon highlights this.

As soon as her family reconnected with her, the human inside became the overpowering majority of her mental state. So much so that she was even able to convince Giyu, a guy whose whole life is devoted to killing Demons, to understand she is different.

(Chapter 1)

This is linked to Ubayashiki’s statement in chapter 137, where Muzan’s dream of achieving eternity will never come true, rather the humans and demon slayer have already achieved what he failed to obtain. As true eternity is human feelings which are undying as they are passed on to others living, throughout time.

However, there is more to it than the power of feelings, as the most important part is Nezuko never ate human flesh.

Since Nezuko had never eaten humans, she had to rely on natural regeneration to regain stamina. She never tainted herself by eating a human, who naturally survives in the sun. 

Therefor, Nezuko runs on the power of sleep. In fact, she slept for 2 Years whilst Tanjiro was training at Urokodaki’s residence.

Urokodaki’s hypnosis ignited Nezuko’s instinct to protect her loved ones

During her nap, Urokodaki used “suggestive hypnosis” on Nezuko to reinforce her mind to see all humans as members of her “family”, causing her to feel like she must protect them at all costs and kill demons. 

This is only possible on a demon like Nezuko who has retained her humanity, because as we see with other Demons, such as Daki, Gyotaro and Akaza, they have forgotten their human lives completely, meaning they can’t picture any family to protect in the first place.

This hypnotization was so powerful it gave Nezuko an insane level of resistance against her demon instincts, being able to resist the Wind Pillar Sanemi’s taunts with his Marechi blood, the most tempting type of human blood there is. 

All of this is Nezuko being able to cling onto her humanity, countering the Demon DNA in her.

On top of this, like any other Demon Nezuko has a Demon Blood Art of her own that is unique to her, which plays on her ability to set her blood on fire and manipulate the flames created. 

Later on she developed the ability to form them without using her blood, by creating the flames out of thin air. Her flames are unique too,  being completely harmless to humans, even healing them from Poisons, like when Tengen Uzui and Inosuke were afflicted by Gyutaro’s poison.

Her Demon Art is also EXTREMELY harmful to demons, as not only does it burn them, but it also halts their regeneration to some degree.

These flames are likely connected to the sun dance that the Kamado family had passed down to them by their descendants for a 1000 years.

This leads to Demon King Tanjiro and Nezuko’s connection to their own memories of the Hino Kami Kagura as Muzan later on admits, it must be why they are able to conquer the sun.

Learning about the Sun breathing techniques

Sun breathing users throughout history had always been blessed with a black blade, hence why the rumor spread that those who wielded one didn’t live long, as Muzan would swiftly slay them.

However, the benefit of the black blade is that they can absorb the heat far greater than any other color, helping them turn crimson red, fully utilizing the properties of the sun. This is what makes them put a stop to a demon’s regeneration.

Just like her brother Tanjiro, who had learned this breathing style unknowingly throughout his childhood, Nezuko also was exposed to their father performing the dance. 

I'm working on a cosplay Tanjuro Kamado in his Dance of the fire God outfit. I wanted to perform the dance while dressed as well, so im trying to do my due

Since the Hinokami Kagura is a Breathing Styles that mimics the sun, replicating it with the user’s movements, techniques, and abilities, her body had already become suited to sustaining the properties of sunlight.

But what really played into Nezuko’s conquering of the sun is her own bloodline.

The significance of Nezuko’s bloodline

Tamayo stated in chapter 127 Using blood samples from Kyogai, Daki, and Gyutaro, she was able to synthesize an antidote for demonification, which was successfully tested on one of Muzan’s victims. 

She later wrote about her progress to Tanjiro in a letter, expressing her amazement about Nezuko’s blood sample, which had gone through multiple mutations.

This led her to speculate that the reason why Nezuko had not regained her intelligence yet, was due to her prioritizing resistance to the sun.

Everything comes back to bloodline, the proof of this is in chapter 199, when Tanjiro himself was turned into a demon, and not just any demon but the Demon King.

With an incredible amount of Muzan Blood, Tanjiro gained the progenitor’s insane powers, but unlike Muzan, Demon King Tanjiro conquered the sun due to the Kamado blood that he shared with Nezuko, stated by Muzan himself.

(Chapter 201)

The Kamado family had been performing the sun breathing techniques for the last 400 years and through it they had been slowly resonating with the flames and heat which changed their biological make up.

This is also how Tanjiro was able to spread the mark to the other demon slayers through resonance. That’s why Muzan was so fixated on consuming Nezuko, so that he’d gain true immortality like Tanjiro did. 

However, after taking the medicine developed by Tomayo, Nezuko had taken her final step in the long battle to become human again, which she did at the end of Demon Slayer.

(Chapter 204)

As she arrived on the final battlefield, she became fully human and had to help Tanjiro from becoming the Demon king, bringing the story full circle, just as he had done for her, she must perform the same selflessness.

With her Human again her ending continues with Zenitsu as they get married and lived happily ever after!