Black Clover: Are Liebe And Asta Brothers?

Asta and Liebe
Black Clover

Liebe is a demon residing in Asta’s five-leaf clover grimoire. For the battle against Dark Triad, Asta was required to defeat Liebe and form a contract. Forming the contract would make Liebe a servant thus giving Asta full control of Liebe’s anti-magic powers.

As Liebe and Asta look very similar, fans have always wondered if they are brothers. In this article, we will tell you the truth.

How Liebe Came To Human Realm

We must first dive into Liebe’s past to know if Asta and Liebe are brothers. In chapter 268, we are shown Liebe’s flashback where he describes the underworld to be highly boring.

He explains how higher-ranking devils would bully and toy with lower-ranking devils. Liebe, being born with no magic was at the bottom of all devils and got bullied by everyone else.

Liebe in underworld

Liebe states that a higher-ranking devil threw him towards the gate. As Liebe did not have any mana he easily passed through the gate and reached the human realm.

Even though he had escaped the underworld, his suffering had not ended. As Liebe was a demon in the human realm, magic knights tried to follow and kill him. After some time coming into the human realm, injured and exhausted Liebe fell on the ground in a forest.

How Liebe Got Into The Five Leaf Clover

Licita found Liebe, healed him and took care of him. Licita’s situation was similar to that of Henry where her body would extract mana from others in her body. As Liebe did not have any mana it did not affect him. Seeing this as destiny Licita adopts Liebe as her son.

Some time passed, and Liebe had been living with Licita as her son and started loving her. Lucifero a higher-ranking devil learns about a demon living in the human realm, without any contract with a human. Getting intrigued Lucifero tries searching for it and finds Liebe. Lucifero then tries to take over him to find a way to bring himself into the human realm.

Licita tries fends the devil off by absorbing his mana. Lucifero who is in control of Liebe’s body, thrusts Liebe’s hand through Licita’s chest. Licita continues to cling to Lucifero’s formless body as she absorbs his mana.

Licitia saves Liebe

She affirms that she won’t let it happen again and we get flashbacks to where she kept a basket near the church and in the basket was Licita’s son Asta.

In her dying moment, to protect her son, Licita seals Liebe in the five-leaf clover grimoire.

When Asta defeats Liebe, he confirms that Asta is Licita’s son.


As Licita is Asta’s biological mother and Liebe’s foster mother, this makes Asta and Liebe both brothers, though not brothers by blood.

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