All Special Grade Sorcerors In Jujutsu Kaisen Explained

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Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga popular for its amazing power system. Every single technique, curse, and sorcerer can be accurately ranked!
For Sorcerers, the series has 8 levels or grades! They are Grade 4, Grade 3, Semi-Grade 2, Grade 2, Semi-Grade 1, Grade 1, Special Grade 1, and finally, Special Grade! Here, Grade 4 is the lowest grade, meaning the weakest sorcerers land there. 

Special Grade is the highest rank a sorcerer can receive! This grade is for those who are an anomaly within the world of Jujutsu. Currently, there are only 4 Special Grade Sorcerers. Today, we are going to explain the 4 registered Special Grade Sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen! 

1) Geto Suguru: 

Geto Suguru, a former best friend, and rival of Gojo Satoru was born in a non-sorcerer family. His technique,  “Cursed Spirit Manipulation” does exactly what the name suggests! Geto can summon and control naturally formed Curses just like a Shikigami user. This technique is different from the Ten Shadows Technique that Megumi uses.  

Getou Suguru

Cursed Spirit Manipulation only works on curses born from non-sorcerer’s negative emotions. The level of curses he can tame is dependent upon his own strength level at the time he tries to possess them! At his peak, Geto was able to control hundreds of thousands of Cursed Spirits! 

To do so, he has to weaken the curse and consume them as a black ball! 

Geto, when possessed by Kenjaku, can also use “Maximum Technique: Uzumaki”. This technique combines the cursed spirits of the user’s choosing into one and shoots it out as a powerful blast. 

While it may seem to be disadvantageous, Geto can extract the techniques of any curse that is Semi-grade 1 or above before using Uzumaki! 

2) Yuki Tsukumo: 

Yuki Tsukumo is the teacher of Aoi Todo, and is the only female Special Grade Sorcerer! 

Nothing is known about Yuki’s abilities as a Sorcerer. However, she was capable of saving everyone from Uraume’s Ice Fall ability. 

Yuki Tsukumo

Furthermore, it was narrated in the fight with Todo/Yuji vs Mahito that Todo learned Simple Domain from Yuki! Therefore, we know she can do that as well in defense against Domain Expansions!

We also see a Cursed Spirit behind Yuki when she arrives on the scene and when she first meets Todo. So, she may be a shikigami user to some form of Cursed Spirit Manipulator! 

3) Yuta Okkotsu:

Yuta Okkutsu is the first ever Jujutsu Kaisen Protagonist and a second year at Jujutsu Tech! He made his debut in jjk volume 0, where he became a part of jujutsu tech because of his “curse” Rika Orimoto. 

Rika was Yuta’s childhood friend, and the two of them had promised to get married when they got older. But, a tragic car accident kills her and leaves Yuta friendless. As she takes her last breaths, Yuta pleads with her to not leave, turning her into a vengeful spirit! 

What comes with Rika is a mass of Cursed Energy sparking his hidden power due to his relation to the Gojo family.  After all, Yuta has the highest amount of cursed energy, even more than Gojo!

Yuta and Rika JJk

Yuta has learned to control this mass energy of Juryoku to the point that Yuji couldn’t tell which attacks held the most power in them! Yuta can also control where he inputs cursed energy extremely well, using his Katana with cursed energy to increase the power behind each slash. 

With Rika specifically, it seems that she can manifest at free will just like how she would keep Yuta from killing himself. 

This is shown when she appears behind Yuji and grabs him asking Yuta “what is going on?”. Here, Yuta calms her down by saying “we are just playing, Rika” but he also asks her to hold him down so he can stab and kill Yuji. 

Yuta is even able to use Reversed Cursed Technique allowing him to heal injuries for himself and others! Yuta can also copy cursed techniques with the help of Rika. 

Now that the true Rika is gone, Yuta can manifest the cursed spirit into the real world for 5 minutes to support him in battle! 

4) Gojo Satoru: 

Gojo Satoru was born on December 7, 1989, obviously within the Gojo Clan. Satoru was born with the Six Eyes, shifting the balance of power between the Three Great Clans as well as between Cursed Users & Jujutsu Sorcerers. 

Due to this, at the moment of his birth, a bounty was placed on him which caused even Toji Zenin to go see what the “big fuss” was about. 

Due to having the Six Eyes and the ability Limitless, Satoru became a Special Grade Sorcerer. Even as a child he was able to notice assassins trying to spy on him to find the opportune moment to kill him.

Even among special grades, Satoru is the Pinnacle. He makes it clear that the title special grade doesn’t necessarily mean you are on an equal level as the others. 

Sukuna makes this reference to the Special Grade Curse born from his finger in the Cursed Womb Arc too! The Six Eyes are still a mystery to us the reader but what we do know is that they play a major role in how Gojo perceives cursed energy & how he uses it. 

Gojo Satoru JJk

Yuta Okkuts has even said that Satoru reduces his CE usage to an infinitesimal amount. Hence, it is as close to 0 consumption as possible! This allows Gojo to use mass amounts of techniques and even use more than one Domain Expansion in a day! 

The best way to explain it would be to think of a water hose that is normal size but has an infinite amount of water at its source! This is seemingly continuing forever due to how water recycles. Gege, the author himself says that Satoru can accomplish anything he tries.

The second key ability that makes Satoru’s gap in power is “Limitless”. It is also an inherited technique from the Gojo Family. The technique brings “infinity” into reality, allowing the user to manipulate and distort the space itself. 

Gojo’s Domain Expansion is the Unlimited Void, and it is his ultimate weapon! 

The concept of Gojo’s Domain is that he places the victim inside Limitless itself! This bombards the target with an endless funnel of information. This ultimately freezes them in place while slowly killing them due to the information overload!

Interestingly, the Limitless cannot reach its true potential without the Six Eyes. And, Gojo is the first member in 400 hundred years to achieve both making him the rarest being in the Jujutsu World! 

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