All Races in Black Clover Explained

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Black Clover is a world full of magic and mysteries. Initially, we believed that the living organisms in this world would be the same as ours, but we were dead wrong! Throughout its course in the past few years, Black Clover has expanded on races in the series.

Today, we are going to take a look at all of the known races. 

1) Humans: 

Let’s start the list with Humans, the race all of us are familiar with. Our favorite characters like Asta, Yuno, Noelle, and many more fall under this category.

Humans are a unique race. All of them look entirely different. For example, Magna and Asta have similar personalities but are not identical. Their physical appearance and affinity to mana are different as well.

While Humans generally have lower levels of mana than many other races, the mana levels vary widely in humans too. This led to the differentiation of humans on the basis of their mana level into peasants, commoners, and nobles:


Peasants generally have little to no magic capabilities. These humans reside in the Forsaken Realm, a place struck deep by poverty, lack of basic facilities, and much more. Sadly, even though the peasants are humans, they never feel like one. 

It is usually impossible for a peasant to become a Magic Knight, let alone a good one! 

Asta in Hage Village

Notable Peasants: Asta, Magna Swing, Zora Ideale. 


As the name suggests, the commoners’ section includes most of the human race’s population. Residing in the Common Realm, these people have a decent level of mana, not too high, not too low. 

Commoners with a knack for magic have a good chance of becoming a Magic Knight.

Jack the ripper black clover

Notable Commoners: Jack the Ripper, Luck Voltia, Sol Marron. 


Nobles have massive mana levels and potential, making them “better” than others. However, there is a distinction between nobles, too. Anybody born and raised in the Noble Realm is a Nobel. 

However, there’s a distinction between nobles too! Certain Noble families have the status of “Royals”. 

This hierarchical system exists to benefit the ones at the top in a classic human fashion. However, if a noble human lacks exceptional magic abilities, then they are nothing but a failure to the family. 

Julius Novachrono from Black Clover

Notable Nobles: Julius Novachrono, Secre Swallowtail, William Vengeance. 

Notable Royals: Noelle Silva, Mereoleona Vermillion, Fuegoleon Vermillion. 

2) Dwarfs: 

In terms of appearance, Dwarfs aren’t that different than humans, apart from their height. While little is known about them, it is said that the Dwarfs have been around since the time Humans and Elves lived together. People also believe that they have special magic powers exclusive to them!

Charmy Black Bulls from Black Clover

So far, we have only one character confirmed to be a Dwarf, Charmy of the Black Bulls!

3) Elf Tribe: 

Blessed with immense mana and the ability to fully use magic stones, Elves had the most tragic journey as a race. They resided in the modern-day Forbidden Realm in ancient times.

In a word, they didn’t look much different than humans, apart from their pointy ears and white hair.

However, throughout the world, people believe that Elves were selfish beings who tried to absorb all the mana in the world. Their leader, Licht, was supposedly killed by the first Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom after he turned into a Devil.

Elves Black Clover

However, this is far from the truth. Elves were a calm, passive tribe. They happily spent their time on the planet, coexisting with humans in peace. As humans got to know more about the Elves’ powers, they grew weary. Some humans grew to believe that the Elves would kill them, and took it upon themselves to eliminate this threat. 

They stole every single Elf’s powers and massacred the whole tribe, on the basis of their insecurity. Fortunately, Secre Swallowtail was able to rescue Teita and one of her twins successfully. Their descendants migrated to Elysia and set up a new Elf Village, near the Heart Kingdom.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Elves weren’t able to simply pass into the afterlife, either. Zagred, a Devil, used reincarnation magic to keep them from moving on. Patolli was the first Elf to be reincarnated and he formed the Eye of the Midnight Sun to complete the reincarnation of other Elves in humans. 

A different type of Elves exists too, known as the Dark Elves. These Elves are consumed by their deep despair and end up absorbing wild, negative mana. When this happens, their skin color darkens, their sclera darkens and their magic becomes sinister too. Reincarnated Elves are more susceptible to becoming Dark Elves as reincarnation requires negative mana.

Notable Elves: Licht, Pattoli, Fana. 

4) Devils: 

Devils are another ancient race known for their magic. They are born in the underworld, where all that you can do is torment a devil below them or toy with humans.

As for their appearance, all devils boast horns. The higher ranking a Devil is, the bigger and cooler its horns get. Low-ranking Devils are generally bigger than humans and have disfigured bodies, while mid and high-ranking Devils have a somewhat Humanoid shape. 

The highest-ranking Devils look like slender humans, but with bat-like wings, teeth, etc. Demons are a form of Devils who possess overwhelming amounts of mana and strength. This transformation is the highest level of Forbidden magic!

These creatures are taller than mountains and have four arms, three eyes, two legs, long tails, and long hair. They are incredibly difficult to defeat, as it took Asta and a few other Magic Knights like Mereoleona Vermillion to kill just one Demon.

The Demon in Black Clover
The Demon

Gladly, Devils cannot enter the normal world on their own. However, they can be brought to the surface using Forbidden Magic. Their magic is said to be sinister in nature, and it can only be countered using negative mana, Arcane Stage Magic, Saint Stage Magic, and another Devil’s magic.

The world of Devils, i.e. the underworld, is divided into seven layers, or the Qliphoth. All of these layers are under the control of the three highest-ranking Devils who can control gravity, time, and space! These Devils reside at the lowest level of the Qlipoth.

The Tree Of Qlipoth
The Tree Of Qlipoth

Since the underworld is extremely boring, these creatures have a massive urge to make it to the surface and torment humans. To do the latter, some rely on Devil-Binding Rituals. Through this, a Devil makes a contract with a human, and gives its powers, allowing Devils to temporarily manifest in the living world.

However, to become a Devil Host, one has to pass a ritual. Here, if the host wins, they have two options. Either have full control or split the control equally. And, if a devil wins, it will simply transform the human into a monster.

Recently, Devils have become the major antagonists of the series as they plan to put an end to the human race.

Notable Devils: Zennon, Beelzebub, Lucifero.

So, what’s your favorite race in Black Clover? Comment below!