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Naruto and Sasuke’s Worst Nightmare: All NEW Otsutsuki Shinju Explained | Boruto Two Blue Vortex

The new Shinju in Boruto has changed the way we look at the story forever! Sasuke is now become a clone and is out to kill his daughter and student!?


Boruto Two Blue Vortex has revealed new enemies surpassing Naruto and Sasuke! Not just that, but they are in fact clones of the characters we all love, with one being a clone of Uchiha Sasuke himself. They are known as the ‘Shinju’ and they are developing at a RAPID pace, gaining their own desires to DEVOUR the people their clones loved most. Boruto vs Sasuke, Sarada vs Sasuke will occur to stop the world from being destroyed by Code’s Mistake!