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Asta’s True Power 🕰️ The Magic to Defy Fate & Lucius!

Credit: ABD

Black Clover Manga released Black Clover Chapter 333, which reveals Lucius Zogratis and Astaroth’s real plan to kill everyone in Black Clover, He is the strongest devil and character in Black clover, Asta and Liebe with Anti-magic are the only people that can STOP HIM. Lucius wants to use his power of time magic and 2 souls to bring about a world with no discrimination and creature true peace! However, this plan would only be once Lucius has control over everything and everyone to the point where he oppresses people and doesn’t allow them to be themselves. This parallels Asta’s ideology, as both Asta and Lucius want to achieve the same goal but through different methods. Each of them represents each side of the same coin! We explain how Asta’s new generation would be the only thing that prevents Lucius and Astaroth from completing their goals and becoming the new generations of Wizards Kings!

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