Black Clover Chapter 371 Spoilers: Mereleona Surpasses All Limits!

Mereoleona turns her entire body into mana!

BLACK CLOVER © 2015 by Yuki Tabata/SHUEISHA Inc.

The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 371 are here, and Mereleona is proving that she’s a superhuman once again!

As her fight against Moris comes to a conclusion in the chapter, fans get treated to a spectacle of a fight!

Black Clover Chapter 371 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Undying Souls.”.

The chapter shifts the focus back to Mereleona and Morris. The former’s subordinate falls, stating that everything falls onto her now.

Morris wonders if all the annoying and incompetent people are dead now. He then states that he’ll show what real living shields are.

Morris then shows his new magic spell: Earth magic: March of the Holy Fools. Because of the spell, weird creatures start to rise from the ground.

However, Mereoleona burns them before the spell can take any true effect! Mereoleona also talks about the second attribute of Morris, and that the speed of the bodies is incredible.

Morris sympathizes with Mereoleona, who is always aiming for greatness at the expense of the Crimson Lion Knights.

Morris then goes on a monologue about the meaning of the lives of weak people, and how he preserved the principles of this world. And, now, he has been chosen by God.

He continues talking about how the magic allowed him to utilize his powers and how the humans have reached their limit.

We then see a flashback for Mereleona, where nobody wanted to train with her because she was too strong. Her training involved Climbing walls, fighting monsters, living in powerful magic zones, and much more.

However, she eventually hit her limit. I came through being alone.

As Mereoleona is raised by flowing hands, she is reminded of the Crimson Lions and exclaims, “Please train us, Mereoleona sama!!!” They perform a workout, and she instructs them to stop, thinking they are unable to continue, but they persist.

Fuegoleon emerges at the end of the flashback, saying, “Sorry to keep you waiting, big sis.”

Mereoleona : “I’m not going to wait!” She writes a new spell in her grimoire. “I will always surpass my boundaries!” [NOTE: Yami’s genkai wo koeru isn’t it.]

The earth begins to tremble.

Maximum Magic with Flames: Excelitius Leonum

Morris: “Is this magic, really?”

The magic knights from Crimson Lion make an appearance. “I was dead, for sure!”

Mereoleona: “After death, don’t imagine you can unwind and enjoy a carefree life. Follow me even if you don’t survive! You naivetés!

The deceased (?) concur…

Morris is taken aback by the souls’ resurrection. “What you’re dragging along is nothing but a lump of soil,” Mereoleona tells Morris.

This is going to be Morris and the others’ last showdown.

Morris: “I’m unable to separate it… No, there isn’t a body to dismember. Mereoleona’s entire body has turned into mana.

Flames of resurrection: the body’s transcendence.

Morris is experiencing a panic attack. “This defies logic in the extreme! To hear from a mere human at all!

Mereoleona: I learned the core of the human soul from those who risked their lives for me!

Morris’s regeneration has stopped functioning.

Morris: “ME, the one God chose…”

Mereo: God doesn’t matter to me! However, people will find encouragement in this. That’s what I want!

The chapter ends here.