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Deku & Bakugo Revealed All For One’s Insane 150 Year Old Secret!

Credt: Black_AMV

My Hero Academia Manga released My Hero Academia Chapter 364 which reveals Bakugo is still alive! Edge shot, one of the top heroes, is going to use his quirk to merge with Bakugo, recreating his heart and thus reviving him. However, things don’t look good for the heroes, as All For One has used the Quirk eraser bullet after Dr Garaki modified it into the original quirk effect that the bullet had originally, which is Eri’s rewind quirk. With this, All For One reverted back to his prime and is planning to end this war soon, as a major side effect of this bullet is that he will eventually, you will rewind to nothingness. This is why All For One wanted to save Shigaraki before he dies, As AFO passed on his dreams to his new vessel Shigaraki. This will set the stage for the Final Battle Between Deku & Shigaraki once Deku arrives on the battlefield.

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