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The Crazy Reason Makima Loves Denji ❤️

Credit: ABD

Chainsaw Man & Chainsaw Man Manga released Chainsaw Man Anime Episodes 1 & 2 which created a lot of questions surrounding the Chainsaw Man Devil, Pochita. “Who is Pochita?”, “How strong is Pochita?” and Why does Makima Like Denji? are just a few of the questions our community has been asking with the release of the Chainsaw Man anime. We go over Pochita’s entire story and explained the Chainsaw Man’s Powers and Dreams which he was able to achieve when he met Denji. We go over every connection the chainsaw devil has with Denji, Makima and many more. As well as explaining why he is so overpowered, feared and worshipped by everyone Devils & Humans.

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