Chainsaw Man Part 2 Just Scaled Denji Even Higher And Teases The Return Of Pochita’s TRUE FORM!

If Denji loses against Yoru, he can live a normal life with Asa and could be at peace and have a woman in his life, just like he always wanted.

CHAINSAW MAN © 2018 by Tatsuki Fujimoto/SHUEISHA Inc.

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from Chainsaw Man manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Chainsaw Man chapter 170 is a doozy of a chapter, as Fujimoto does what he does best: breaking the hearts of his fans. Everyone’s crying over Nayuta’s supposed death but we don’t know whether it is a decoy or not.

But that’s not all! Chainsaw Man manga just boosted Denji’s power EVEN HIGHER THAN WHEN HE FOUGHT MAKIMA by killing other Chainsaw Man-like Devils and prepares fans for the return of the Chainsaw Devil or Black Chainsaw Man, the Hero of Hell.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 83)

There is more than One Chainsaw Devil? Pochita is THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL!

In Chapter 84, Makima explains that Pochita, or the Chainsaw Devil, is the most feared Devil of all because he can erase objects, people, and names completely from existence by just eating them. She namedrops some stuff that Pochita had already removed and only she could remember them, for some reason…

(Chainsaw Man chapter 84)

Devils are born with the fear associated with stuff. Like the Gun Devil for instance. It became so powerful because so many of us fear that Gunfire would take our lives instantly when shot, thereby becoming one of the biggest and strongest Devils in the story.

Similarly, there are Devils associated with the fear of the 6th sense, the light of a particular star that would drive children insane or the 4 possible conclusions other than death at the end of a living being’s life. And Chainsaw Man fought with all of these Devils in a great Devil war and won.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 84)

In Chapter 170, Barem Bridge, the 2nd in command at the Chainsaw Man Church, just revealed that there were Devils associated with the fear of chainsaws, and there were a number of them.

Chainsaws are known for different uses, like chopping and cutting wood, turning logs into lumber, landscaping or even killing people, as shown in Horror movies. Each of these uses was somehow associated with a particular type of fear humans had and hence numerous Chainsaw Devils were born.

However, Pochita reigned supreme as he ate all of them, thereby ceasing their existence. And only one use—cutting down trees—remained.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 170)

So that means, not only is Pochita stronger than all the other Devils that Makima mentioned, but he’s even stronger than the other Chainsaw Devils! He’s really the king of Hell and Denji holding such power means he could destroy his enemies in one swoop if he wanted to.

No wonder people like Barem, Fami, and Yoru are after him. What’s more, Barem, a hybrid that merged with the Flamethrower Devil, seems to know the true form of Chainsaw Man and shows Denji how to transform!

Barem shows Denji how to transform into Black Chainsaw Man, the Hero of Hell

Barem states that Denji needs 2 things to unleash his strongest form:

  • He should be the MOST FEARED Devil on the planet or garner enough fear to fuel its power
  • Denji’s unhappiness

(Chainsaw Man chapter 170)

Remember when Denji first turned into Black Chainsaw Man? Makima pushed Denji into the deepest well of despair, along with making him a threat to society. That’s how he was able to turn into the Hero of Hell with a mere pull of his trigger.

Right now, Fami and Asa Mitaka are trying to manifest the real Chainsaw Devil from Denji’s heart, that is Pochita. Fami explained to Denji that his heart is what makes him Chainsaw Man. His desire to be the hero and what not. And Denji got into a contract with Pochita, stating that he’d give him his powers as long as Denji lives a normal life.

However, if Denji doesn’t and is constantly fed despair after despair, Pochita will awaken and manifest.

And if Yoru, the War Devil, somehow defeats Pochita and replaces him with a human heart within Denji, only then will Bro live a normal life.

Basically, Asa and Fami are trying to take Pochita away from Denji so that he could live peacefully.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 165)

Since then, several people have suddenly sprouted Chainsaws from their heads and have died on the spot. So that increases the fear of chainsaws in the minds of people, bringing the fear of chainsaws on par with aging and sickness.

And now, Denji thinks Nayuta is dead so his mental state has hit rock bottom. All this was planned by Barem all along to bring back Black Chainsaw Man to the world!

(Chainsaw Man chapter 170)

Barem’s plan for Denji

Together with Barem, Fami and Yoru plan to meet Pochita’s TRUE FORM in the hope of winning. However, little does Asa know that if that happens, it’ll only make other Devils conquer that position and they’ll once again fight for supremacy. And the Devil standing above all, would try to cease humanity.

It’s important Pochita remain inside Denji while having control over its power. By the end of this, Denji should be able to unleash the Black Chainsaw Man whenever he wants, not by just satisfying two conditions. That is how humanity would survive against the 4 horsemen – Death, Hunger, War and Control.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 84)

Up first Denji has to face Yoru, then Fami and finally the Death Devil, which was teased long ago. And Barem wants to kill the Death Devil and save humanity, and his and Fami’s plan is to strengthen Chainsaw Man so that he could defeat the Death Devil.

(Chainaw Man chapter 146)

Some folks wouldn’t have noticed but Fujimoto actually foreshadowed Denji losing Pochita as his heart. In chapter 151, we see Denji’s heart burning, with Pochita saying goodbye and Denji giving the peace sign.

(Chainsaw Man chapter 151)

Does that mean Denji will actually lose? Well, good for him and his life, wouldn’t it? He can live a normal life with Asa and never have to worry about being a hero. He could be at peace and have a woman in his life, just like he always wanted. But only time will tell if he wants to sacrifice all that for Chainsaw Man and Pochita…