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All 9 One For All Users & Their Quirks Explained

Credit: ABD

My Hero Academia Manga and My Hero Academia Anime has revealed the strongest hero in the entire world, Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya! Being the most powerful hero, of course you will have the most powerful quirk, that being The One for All Quirk! But unlike many other quirks, One for All was not a strong quirk from the beginning, as it is a stockpiling quirk combined with a transferable quirk which allows the user to transfer the quirk to other people. This ultimately created the quirk know as One For All and as the generation past, new user were chosen to inherit it and with each user the quirk grew along side them. But who are all the One for All users and what were their powers? We explained in detail all 9 users of One for All and their powers. As well as how the quirk OFA itself grew as long side them to makes it the strongest quirk in existence in the entire series.

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