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Chainsaw Man’s Insane Lie Exposed: Denji’s Goal isn’t Makima, Girls or Love!

Credit: ABD

Chainsaw Man Manga & Chainsaw Man Anime has just released Chainsaw Man Episode 1 and with the release comes a lot of question about how Denji Future life and Harem which he will get. Denji’s goal was always to to live a normal life, have normal breakfast, play video games and most importantly Talk to girls. We go over every girlfriend Denji will have throughout the series and go into detail about their connection to Denji. All of Denji’s girlfriends were a big part of his life as they each though Denji a valuable lesson which helped him grow as a person and devil hunter. Though Denji might have not change as much from all of this experiences, the view he had of the world definitely has change which give him a bigger perspective in achieving his dream.

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