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Asta’s New 100% True Ki Power

Credit: ABD

Black Clover Manga released Black Clover Chapter 337 which reveals Asta is going to learn a New form of Advance Ki Mastery which is based from the Flow of the Dragon! Ryuudou Ryuuya, Yami’s Friend, knows everything that has been happening in the entire world of Black Clover. It is revealed that Ryuudou can see anything he wishes to see, we don’t know how but it’s theories that this is an advanced usage of Ki, which Asta is going to master in the upcoming 7 days before the day of Judgement. Asta’s only weakness is physical attack, which Ki helps counters by being able to sense the presence of others and dodge their attacks. With Asta’s New Form and Mastery of Ki alongside Yuno, will be able to completely defeat Lucius alongside all the Paladins who are as strong as Lucifero or even stronger.

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