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Allen The Alien Starts Killing Omni Man & Viltrumites – Complete Life History Explained | INVINCIBLE

If you’re a fan of Allen the Alien, then here’s his COMPLETE LIFE AND HISTORY EXPLAINED in Invincible Season 2.


Invincible Comics Season 2 has aired Allen The Alien’s Return! The End of Invincible Season 1 introduced us to one of the strongest characters in the series, Allen the Alien! Allen Vs Invincible occurred so is he a friend and foe? Well, We’re here to break down his entire life story and history from the Invincible Comics, from a friend of Mark and Nolan Grayson to their BIGGEST ENEMY? He went from being annihilated by Omniman to beating him with minimal but…how did he become this strong? and how did he become the coalition’s leader, leading the attack against the Viltrumites?