Who is Angstrom Levy in Invincible? His Powers Explained


He may not be as physically strong as Omni-Man, but Angstrom Levy is capable of just as much damage!

Those sitting down to enjoy Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s hit superhero TV show Invincible will have been met with the face of a new arch-nemesis of Mark Grayson, Angstrom Levy.

Who Is Angstrom Levy In Invincible?

He may seem like just a standard guy, however, he has one of the most mystical abilities in the entire Invincible series.

angstorm levy

He can open portals to alternate universes. Basically, he has access to infinite multiverses.

During his years hopping between multiverses, he built a small collection of his alternate selves.

Many of those different multiverses he visited had been taken over by Omni-Man and Invincible.

However, he realized he could use his power to access other realities to save the world.

On his journeys, he saw new technology, never before read Shakespeare, and the answer to all of humanity’s problems, solved somewhere across the multiverse.

Angstrom Levy believed that by seeking out the help of the Mauler Twins, he would be able to merge his mind with the thousands, upon thousands of alternate Angstrom’s from across the multiverse.

This procedure worked very similar to the one the Mauler Twins helped Robot with.

The difference this time was the sheer scale of the transfer.

Because of this, it was detrimental that once the procedure began, Angstrom Levy did not remove the helmet on his head. But then Invincible happened. 

Why Does He Hate Invincible?

Mark Grayson arrived to figure out what the Mauler Twins were up to.

angstrom levy vs invincible

They began fighting, much to the dismay of Angstrom Levy, who was against achieving his dreams with violence. 

He forcefully removed the helmet and cut the transfer early in a panic, causing the machine to explode.

Whilst this resulted in the death of most present, he survived.

However, the premature deactivation of the transfer caused his body to become heavily deformed with his brain now extending down his back.

However, he now knew all the other Angstrom Levy’s.

The issue was that he had now lost his own sense of self. The memory of over 1000 versions of himself became muddled together in one big mess.

Because of this, all the evil actions that alternate versions of Mark had done made him believe that Mark was the one responsible for transfiguring his body and destroying his machine.

Thus, he made it his mission to cause Mark as much misery as possible.

In the wake of the explosion of the Mauler Twins base of operations, Angstrom Levy sought medical assistance from a race called “The Technicians”, where he went on to become a much more formidable and powerful foe.

Despite his newfound strength, however, Mark killed him, causing himself to be seemingly stranded in an alternate universe before being saved by alternate versions of his friends.

Despite this, Angstrom Levy just barely survived.

The Invincible War

Months later after being treated for his life-threatening injuries, he would instigate the infamous “Invincible War”.

He would travel the multiverse in search of other, evil versions of Mark to help destroy main Mark’s Earth.

Eventually, the alternate Mark’s plotted against him, so he trapped them in an alternate universe.

Mark and Oliver attempted to defeat Angstrom there and then, but he defended himself long enough using small orb-like drones.

He grabbed Oliver by the throat, before fleeing to another dimension, losing his arm in the process.

After revisiting The Technicians to seek more medical assistance, however, they demand that he now works for them. 


After fulfilling The Technician’s demands, he returns back to his own dimension to find that Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, had in fact died, bringing much joy and relief to Angstrom.

However, he later read the news that Invincible was in fact, very much alive and well.

He sends Mark to another dimension and takes Atom Eve as his hostage.

She manages to talk to Angstrom and informs him on the truth about how he ended up like the way he is, and that he removed the helmet, not Mark.

As Atom Eve explains that Angstrom Levy’s multiverse powers can be used for good, he has a change of heart and returns Mark, who had encountered another, alternate version of himself – Mohawk Mark.

Mohawk Mark takes Angstrom back to his own dimension with him where he violently tortures him to learn the source of his power.

Robot eventually learns how to open portals of his own and takes Mark to Mohawk Mark’s dimension.

Here he betrays Mark, killing the alternate Mohawk version, abandoning the main Mark, and ultimately beheading Angstrom Levy so that they can no longer jump between Multiverses.