One Piece Chapter 1118: There Are Two Nikas!!

The five elders begins targeting Atlas and Lilith.

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Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1118 are out, and Bonney and Luffy both turn into Nika!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read the article with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1118 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled Be Free, and the cover features Yamato leaving the flower capital while eating a bento.

It continues where the chapter left off. We see the giant robot sinking underwater following Warcury’s attack. As the robot sinks, it thinks about Joy Boy.

Ancient Robot: “Where are you, Joy Boy? I thought you were here just a moment ago…”

After this, we hear a little bit more of Vegapunk’s message, but only his voice is audible from the special den den Mushi.

Vegapunk: “The name is…”

The chapter then shows the reactions of people around the world regarding the interruption of Vegapunk’s message.

We see people in Alabasta who wonder who killed Vegapunk. Debate if it was the World Government due to the sins he spoke of, or was it straw hats, as the news report stated they had taken him as hostage.

At Whisky Peak, Mr. 9 and Miss Monday are present with other citizens. They do not believe that the World Government would kill their No. 1 scientist for some sins he has committed.

In Dressrose we see Rebecca and Leo talking about Luffy.

Leo: So is it Luffyland after all…

Rebecca: Of course not!!

Back at Egghead, York informs the Five Elders that there are still two Vegapunks remaining: Lilith and Atlas.

York also shares that Punk Records will continue to grow even after Stella’s death.

The five elders then decide that their next priority must be to eliminate the remaining Vegapunks except York.

Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy reach the shore and jump to Elbaf ship, joining Bonney, Sanji and Franky.

Marines say the giants are just too tough, but they cannot let them get away.  when they have brought these many battleships from HQ.

Bonney turns Vice Admirals Bluegrass and Doll into little girls, allowing Elbaf ship to set sail.

Doll: Curse you, Bonney…!!

Bluegrass: I feel ashamed of my current helplessness… What an absurd ability…!!

Bonney: Wouldn’t it be a big issue for you if I got away, Marines!?

Luffy greets Oimo and Kashii. Sanji contacts Nami to tell her that they have successfully set sail.

Nami informs Sanji that they are also taking off.

While Luffy is in the kitchen eating all the food he can, Mars flies to Elbaf ship and shoots a beam from his mouth.

Three giants put their shields together to block Mars attacks, however, a part of the ship catches fire.

Suddenly, Luffy returns to Gear 5 form, gets out of ship to fight and also talks to Bonney.

Luffy: Bonney!!

Bonney: Ah!! Nika!!

Luffy: Let’s go together!! You want to punch these guys, right!?

Bonney: It’s impossible, I can’t do it…

Luffy: I don’t really understand your power but I know you can do it!!

Bonney remembers when she first met Luffy on Egghead and how she told Luffy that he looks like Nika when “he is free”.

Then Bonney thinks back to Kuma’s memories and grins as she uses her Toshi Toshi no Mi power and becomes Nika!

Luffy:  Hyahyahya!! Way to go, Bonney!!!

Bonney: I did it!!

The chapter then features an epic double spread of giant Bonney and Luffy in their Nika forms.

Bonney’s Nika form resembles Luffy’s gear 5 look with While clouds floating around her neck, white and curly hairs, white clothes and eyes with ring like pupils.

Both Marines and Giants get surprised looking at them.

Giants: What is that!?…Woah, there are 2 Nikas!?

Marines: Are those white Giants!?

Warcury and Ju Peter sense  a weird presence, so they hurry towards Elbaf ships.

Luffy and Bonney are ready to face Mars.

Mars: …!!

Luffy: Let’s go!!

Bonney: Yeah!!

The final panel of the chapter shows the Ancient Roboot activating again under the sea, saying, “He’s here…”

The chapter ends here and won’t take break next week!