One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers: Luffy Vs. All Gorosei Members

Luffy hits a home run of venomous balls at the Gorosei.

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1111 are out, and the giant robot from Void Century has finally awakened!!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read the article with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers:

The chapter features a color spread of Strawhat Crew, Vegapunk, Bonney and Kuma eating french fries on top of a bloom of jellyfish.

Vegapunk is inside a submarine robot, and Bonney is using her original appearance.

The chapter starts with Mars trying to break the Labo Phase barrier and entering. Meanwhile, the fight between Zoro and Lucci has concluded. Although Lucci is unable to move, he refuses to fall down.

Jinbe then uses a Fishman Karate technique, 5,000 Brick Shot to attack Lucci as he turns back to his human form.

Lucci reports to Mars everything he knows and says that Vegapunk’s message will begin in 6 minutes. Mars compliments Lucci and flies towards the laboratory.

He also asks Mars to spare Kaku’s life. Mars replies by saying,

“It may be difficult since I won’t pay attention to what insects I step on.”

The chapter then cuts back to Luffy, who is very happy to see Dorry and Brogy.

They ask Luffy why he suddenly looks like the God that was known to the Giants, but Luffy doesn’t understand what they were talking about.

Both giants then share that Sanji has already told Dorry and Brogy to take Luffy back to the island, and the chapter then shows an updated map with all character’s locations.

Dorry then blows the horn to signal retreat to all the giants on Egghead Island.

Warccury attacks then with a powerful conqueror Haki roar. The roar was so strong that Luffy’s eyes, hat and all his clothes except pants and even his chest scar got blown away from his body.

Brogy is shocked to see what happened to Luffy. Warcury’s haki reaches even the Marine battleships, causing some of them to faint.

He then turns two of his fangs into blades and attacks Luffy. However, the giants use Svalinn to block Warcury’s attack.

They then attack Warcury with their technique called Skiljah. Saturn then attacked Dorry and Brogy by spitting venom, exploding balls.

Luffy then conjures up a baseball bat and cap. He then hits all the venom balls back at Satrurn.

The venomous ball caused a huge explosion, engulfing Satrun, Warmucy and Ju Peter. Luffy, Dorry and Brogy run as the 3 members of the Gorosei start recovering.

Luffy then says,” They didn’t take any damage again… They must be immortal.”

Dorry and Brogy then say that they have not seen or heard of such a power or race that can do it.

The chapter then shows a montage of all the groups heading towards the Giant Warrior Pirates’ ship.

Bonney arrives first, but is greeted by Vice Admirals Pomsky, Guillotine and Redking, who are waiting for them.

Mars reaches the room where York is inside the laboratory and asks her where Vegapunk’s broadcast room is.

Meanwhile, Kizaru is still lying on the Marine battleship with his arms covering his eyes.

Marines ask Kizaru to treat his wounds, to which he replies, “Indeed, I’m wounded… Please just let me rest…”

The last page of the chapter shows Marines reporting something appearing on the northwest coast of the island.

We then see the ancient giant robot standing in the middle of the island, surrounded by fire. It seems to be muttering something.

It says, “ I’m sorry… Joy Boy”

One Piece manga will be on a three-week break.