One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers: Vivi Is Alive, Bonney Trapped In Kuma’s Memories

Luffy and Zoro stay back while others try to find Dr.Vegapunk

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One Piece Chapter 1074 initial spoilers were released on Monday, February 6, 2023.

The One Piece Chapter 1074 spoilers primarily focus on Egghead Island developments, where Sentomaru is aiding in the Straw Hats’ and Dr. Vegapunk’s escape.

However, the latter is nowhere to be found, resulting in a wild goose chase for the doctor so he and the Straw Hats can escape sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, a princess has made her return!

One Piece Chapter 1073 Recap:

Having taken down Kaku, Stussy takes down Lucci as she turns out to be Vegapunk’s spy. Zoro helps fight off S-Hawk, allowing Edison and Lilith to regain control of the Seraphim.

Meanwhile, at Sphinx, Marco learns that the Marines tried to invade while he was gone but Weevil fought them off.

Miss Buckin reveals to him that Ryokugyu captured Weevil during the invasion, so she wants Marco to get him back.

Back at Egghead, Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, meets with Kizaru to discuss Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Spoilers:

The title of the chapter references the 50 units of the new Pacifista released by Sentomaru to help Luffy.

The chapter starts off with Luffy and Zoro staying behind while everyone searches for Dr. Vegapunk and Bonney.

The scene then shifts to Bonney being trapped in a form of a memory world. She also sees a young Kuma being abused.

Then, Princess Vivi is confirmed to be alive as she is currently with Wapol and Big News Morgans.

Morgans is also discussing how wants to write about the Straw Hats kidnapping of Dr. Vegapunk.

So far, these are the only spoilers released so far!

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