My Hero Academia Chapter 424 Spoilers: Deku Defeats All For One!? The Time Skip Is Here??!

Horikoshi says: “This is not the type of manga that can immediately end after the fighting is done, so I’ll keep going for a little while.”

BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA © 2014 by Kohei Horikoshi/SHUEISHA Inc.

The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 423 are out and it looks like the final battle between Deku and All for One has finally ended but the catch is, the manga entirely skips how Deku defeated the villain and goes straight to a timeskip… which is odd, to be honest.

We then see the aftermath of the battle and how everyone’s doing and stuff.

But rest assured, My Hero Academia manga isn’t ending yet. Horikoshi himself said so.

So, without wasting any time, let’s just jump right into it.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 424 Spoilers:

According to @RukasuMHA on Twitter (X), My Hero Academia Chapter 424 is titled “Epilogue”.

In the aftermath of the intense battle, the chapter begins in Washington, a few days later. Meryl, reporting from the scene, notes that the weather has finally cleared up. She offers an apology for her previous inaccurate forecast and advises caution when washing clothes due to the still strong winds. These powerful winds were a result of Deku’s decisive punch, which ultimately ended the war.

The scene shifts to Japan, where we witness Cementoss and Salaam actively engaged in the reconstruction of a building. Two children nearby express their excitement at the prospect of living there again. The rapid arrival of international heroes greatly accelerated the rebuilding efforts across the country.

In another part of the city, Big Red Dot is seen giving an interview, while a hero uses his quirk to project the layout of a building, and Setsuna is busy assisting a pro hero. A reporter comments on the unprecedented speed of the reconstruction, noting that such efforts would have taken over a decade before the advent of quirks.

At the central hospital, a doctor delivers a grim prognosis for Bakugo’s arm. Despite surgeries preserving its shape, there’s uncertainty about the effectiveness of rehabilitation. The doctor suggests that if Bakugo wants to continue his hero career, he might need to consider robotic limbs like those of Mirko. However, Bakugo refuses, as his quirk relies on the sweat from his hands. He resolves to work hard in rehab, despite the doctor’s concern for his heart and advice to limit his activities.

The doctor marvels at Bakugo’s resilience, noting that without Edgeshot’s intervention and replacing Bakugo’s heart with his own, he would have perished. The doctor is puzzled by Bakugo’s ability to keep fighting and travel great distances in such a state, emphasizing the need for rest now.

In another hospital room, Deku is astonished to find himself sharing the space with All Might, who attributes this arrangement to Tsukauchi. Deku reports feeling sensation in his arms again but remains troubled by his failure to save Tenko. Despite Tenko’s hatred dissipating, he steadfastly led the League until the very end. All Might inquires about Shigaraki’s final moments, and Deku recounts their conversation. All Might reassures Deku that if he no longer saw the crying boy within Shigaraki, it meant his heart was saved.

All Might then reveals his belief that Deku passed One For All to Shigaraki, indicating that Tomura understood Deku’s intentions. Deku confirms this, noting that he still retains the One For All embers. Just then, Bakugo enters the room, stunned by the revelation that Deku still has his quirk. Flooded with memories of their childhood, their fights, and their friendship, Bakugo begins to cry. Deku is taken aback by this display of emotion.

According to the leaker, Bakugo’s tears are not from relief but from the realization that Deku will become quirkless once the embers fade. Bakugo reflects on his past actions towards Izuku and expresses his desire to continue competing with him. All Might acknowledges the growth and strength of both young heroes, attributing his survival to their bravery. He praises them as the greatest heroes and expresses his gratitude.

Narrator Deku reflects on his childhood belief that peace would naturally return after a war. He acknowledges that their journey is far from over. The chapter closes with glimpses of Shoto, some shell-like objects, and a thoughtful Ochako Uraraka. Deku emphasizes the need to forge a brighter future, urging everyone to go beyond. The final page shows Deku (with a new hairdo), Iida, and Kaminari in their school uniforms, walking towards the rebuilding U.A.

In his comment for this week’s Jump, Horikoshi shares his thoughts on the story’s progression: “Writing conventions suggest a brief conclusion, but this manga cannot end immediately after the fighting. So, I’ll continue for a while longer as we return to the essence of the title (My Hero Academia).”

My Hero Academia Chapter 424 will officially release on Weekly Shonen Jump and the MangaPlus app on June 2, 2024. The manga will not go on a break next week and chapter 425 will release on June 9.

Spoilers Source: Twitter