My Hero Academia Chapter 423 Spoilers: Shigaraki Is Dead!

Without spoiling anything, this is one of the most important chapters in the manga’s run, let’s get right into it! 

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The spoilers for chapter 423 of the My Hero Academia manga are here, and we’re truly in the endgame now!

Without spoiling anything, this is one of the most important chapters in the manga’s run, let’s get right into it!

My Hero Academia Chapter 423 Spoilers:

”You took One for All and you snatched Yoichi from me,” All for One says to Izuku in a voice reminiscent of an armless toddler. I was able to surface because of your psychological onslaught on Tomura.

In the dream world, Shigaraki is collapsing and witnesses All For One. He is informing him that Shigaraki never had a choice in his life and that All for One had deceived him into thinking he was in control from the beginning.

According to AFO, he attempted to capture One for all twice but was unsuccessful: first with Lariat (Daigoro Banjo) and again with Gaen (En Tayutai). An iron will was all that was lacking from All For One.

As All Might grew in strength, All for One started searching for a psychologically weak target that he could manipulate.

Tomura’s father was met by All for One. Tomura persuaded the father to have a second child because his sister was already too big for All for One to manage.

When All For One brought Tomura home at birth, he took away his original quirk and gave him a new one.

Next, Dr. Garaki duplicated an individual’s quirk, disintegration, but took away the other quirk, reconstruction, and gave it to Tomura. He has been in charge of Tomura’s life from the start.

We see Shigaraki disintegrating in the imaginary world, and All For One says: “There, I have annihilated your mind. I had planned to play this card after seizing One For All, but oh well.”

Young Izuku is shown being projected out of the invisible world and back into the visible world when he is armless. “Yoichi is no longer there,” he says.

After stepping out of the haze, Shigaraki declares, “My mid-term plan is no longer feasible.”

When Shigaraki emerges from the cloud, he says, “My mid-term plan is no longer feasible.”

Something clicks in his mind, “Huh, there’s still an echo left,” and he covers his mouth with his hand while exclaiming, “Silence!”

The psychological attacks that All For One, who now has complete control over Shigaraki’s body, sustained in the other world, allegedly had an impact on his physical makeup. He says that the anger, the hatred, and the disintegration Quirk are no longer present.

He proclaims that the vessel he has been building for years is destroyed, that Tomura is finally dead, and that his younger brother is also no longer alive.

Izuku, lying on the ground, speaks softly, “All… for One.”

Izuku threatens to stop All For One from achieving his ultimate dream of taking over the world, even though he claims he will never allow it to happen. But he suddenly experiences acute pain.

Izuku, according to AFO, hasn’t made a full recovery either. Izuku claims that he won’t give up and experiences flashbacks.

According to All For One, “It’s often said that people become stronger when they lose something, but you, from the start, had nothing… look where you are now.”

Abruptly, Sero shows up and uses his sticky tape to cling to All For One. Since All For One was little in comparison to Izuku, he claims he didn’t sense Sero’s approach.

Izuku is reassured by Sero, who affirms their presence. To battle All For One, Ojiro and Sato show up.

“You’re all safe,” Izuku says as Ojiro and Sato attack All For One. Suddenly, someone from behind him adds, “Sorry, Izuku.”