My Hero Academia Chapter 421 Spoilers: U.A. High School Aids Deku Avengers Endgame Style To Defeat All For One

According to @DabisPoleDance on Twitter (X), My Hero Academia Chapter 421 is titled “We Are Here”.

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The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 421 are out and it looks like the entire staff and students of U.A. High School appear on the battlefield through portals, mimicking the climax from Avengers Endgame.

Despite losing One for All and his other quirks, an All Might T-shirt was enough to push Deku into charging against All For One head on without any plan in mind.

Nevertheless, he’s got help and he still has the embers of those quirks hidden inside him. Which means, they will reactivate sooner or later.

The FINAL SEASON FINAL PART FINAL PART of All For One’s FINAL onslaught against Deku and the others has begun. Who will emerge victorious??

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 421 Spoilers:

According to @DabisPoleDance on Twitter (X), My Hero Academia Chapter 421 is titled “We Are Here.” The chapter kicks off with Kirishima, Shoji, Koda, Ashido, Aoyama, Hagakure, Kaminari, Momo, Jirou, Mineta, and numerous other heroes making their entrance onto the battlefield.

From the looks on their faces, it seems like everyone’s rather pumped to fight All For One than feel dejected for what has happened so far.

Mineta then reassures Deku that they are all there for him, with the words “WE ARE HERE.”

AFO acknowledges his integral connection to Shigaraki, feeling that he too should have died alongside him. Yet, the shattering of Yoichi’s vestige leaves him emotionally drained, devoid of hope. This profound loss prompts him to relinquish his ambitions, so much so that even Deku’s attacks pale in comparison to the agony of his grief.

But then he reflects on it and realizes that tragedies make people even stronger. But Sero (the tape man) was like, “That’s cap”. People can get stronger through standard training regimens, despite the ups and downs in their lives. All For One doesn’t heed his words and then begins to attack by activating various quirks and transforming his arms (which kinda resembles the Gun Devil from Chainsaw Man…?).

Sero mentions that tragedies shouldn’t exist, as they made the life of his friend a living hell. That’s when we see Endeavor and Todoroki coming out of the portals.

In chapter 421 of My Hero Academia, the father-son duo unleashes the powerful Flashfire Fist technique against AFO, triggering a flashback revealing the U.A. robots’ involvement in Rei’s abduction. Meanwhile, Natsu expresses her exhaustion, having tirelessly aided civilians until she can no longer continue.

He suggests that Endeavor remaining in the vicinity will only exacerbate the situation, so it’s preferable for him to engage in combat elsewhere. As a result, Sero restrains them both with his tape and mentions pondering this issue since discovering Shoto’s victory over Dabi in Kamino.

In the midst of the portals, President Mic emerges and calls upon all the heroes to advance, marking it as the final mission of the day. All For One remarks on his lack of emotional response despite the presence of numerous injured heroes, thus making him think, “How pathetic”.

In the next scene, Thirteen charges in atop Hound Dog, wielding the force of a black hole summoned by her side. Amidst the chaos, heroes like Gang Orca and Shishikura launch their own assaults against the formidable antagonist.

As the battle intensifies, All For One seizes an opportunity to strike, burning his opponents who stood in his way. The villain is too fast and strong for all of them.

In the intense battle, Kendou emphasizes the importance of coordinated attacks, urging everyone to strike simultaneously. Deku tries to join the fight but his injuries prevent him from standing up straight. Aizawa reveals that Eri’s power has reverted Deku’s body to its original state just before he lost his arms, so he retained the injuries he sustained during the fight with Shigaraki and the others.

In My Hero Academia chapter 421, Deku reveals that he no longer has One For All and the quirks of its previous wielders, yet he feels a small ember within him, reminiscent of All Might’s resilience during the Kamino incident. Aizawa then passes on a limited edition All Might shirt gifted by a civilian, which Deku promptly dons.

Aoyama cries to Deku that they all get out of here but Deku remembers when he reached out his hand to Aoyama and got emotional, coming to the conclusion that he needs to stay back in order to stop All For One and prevent any further damage.

The civilians watching the battle from the shelter are amazed to see the heroes fighting together. What follows is then a collage of U.A. students wishing and motivating Deku to win.

Deku begins to dash towards All For One with the All Might t-shirt on and that’s where the chapter ends.

My Hero Academia Chapter 421 will officially release on Weekly Shonen Jump and the MangaPlus app on April 28, 2024. The manga will go on a break next week and will return on May 12.

Spoilers Source: Twitter