My Hero Academia Chapter 420 Spoilers: Deku Regains His Arm!

Eri gives her horn to Deku and Kurogiri has joined the heroes!

Deku and eri
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My Hero Academia chapter 420 spoilers are out and Deku got his hands back!

The chapter starts with Aizawa, Mic, and Kurogiri on a tiny island. We see Mic aggressively holding Kurogiri by his shirt, asking him to wake up.

Mic says that Shirakumo’s corpse should not have been violated like this and is just about to punch Kurogiri but Aizawa notices something.

Aizawa points out that he is crying but Mic rebuts by saying he isn’t crying because he is a man.

He then corrects Mic and says he wasn’t talking about him but Kurogiri.

Mic refuses, saying that’s impossible as he is a nomu now.

He further asks Aizawa not to expect another miracle like what happened in Tartarus. Aizawa states that Shirakumo died while he was a student and besides, there must be no reason why he saved them both from dying.

He further states that they managed to generate a white spark that mixed with the darkness. It will never be 100% white again but it will also never be 100% black either.

Now, as U.A. teachers, they need to guide the students until they graduate.

Then suddenly, the mist increases in size and Kurogiri utters, “Yamada…”. Mic begins to cry even more, saying that memories never die.

The chapter then cuts to Tsukauchi in the control room and via comms, Aizawa asks him if Monoma can still fight.

Tsukauchi informs Aizawa that Monoma has hit his head, is still unconscious, and thus cannot fight.

Aizawa then asks how many heroes can still fight. The chapter then cuts to Aizawa arriving at the underground shelter, informing Ectoplasm that they are not able to use Kurogiri’s portals.

Ectoplasm asks how long Kurogiri will work, so that he can gather as many heroes as possible in the shortest possible time.

Death Arms volunteers to go fight and so does Astro. Then one of the civilians, who didn’t want Deku to enter the shelter, gave his shirt to the hero’s wounds.

Several other civilians followed his suit. Tsukauchi says that the Takoba battle isn’t over.

The chapter then cuts to Takoba, and we see Gashly fighting Sero, Sato, 13, and other heroes.

All seemed lost, but just then, Tokage, Kakakiri, Ectoplasm, and other heroes arrived through the portals.

Aizawa then says, “Phase 3 of the Divide and Conquer operation: Start.”

Back to the present, Aizawa asks how long it’s been since Deku lost his arms. Deku informs me that he doesn’t know since it all happened in the mental world.

Deku states that, in U.A. he could feel Shigaraki rebelling inside AFO, but not anymore.

We see a flashback of Eri handing Aizawa her horn. She knows that she can’t go to the battlefield, so he wants at least her horn to get there.

He asks Eri how she did it, to which she replies that Ectoplasm helped her.

Ectoplasm apologizes, but he also claims that Eri learned from Aizawa. She is rational, like Aizawa but she also does crazy things from time to time.

Aizawa says that this can permanently damage her quirk and Eri says that she wants to do this to help All Might and Kacchan but she couldn’t so now, she wants to help.

She then says that her dream is to sing like Jirou, and she wants Deku and everyone else to have fun when the war is over.

Back to the present, Aizawa pierces Deku with Eri’s horn and Ectoplasm says that it will take 2-3 minutes to heal him as Eri didn’t have much energy.

Aizawa also tells Deku that he can’t die until he hears Eri singing.

The chapter ends with Mineta, Kaminari, Shoji, Kouda, and other heroes crossing the portal.

They say that they are exhausted but the fact that Midoriya is doing his best makes their bodies move on their own.

The manga will be on a break next week.