My Hero Academia Chapter 418 Spoilers: AFO Is Back!?

Spoilers for Chapter 418 of My Hero Academia unveil the chapter’s title: “A Tiny Heart.”

my hero academia chapter 418
My Hero Academia

Spoilers for Chapter 418 of My Hero Academia unveil the chapter’s title: “A Tiny Heart.”

The chapter opens with Deku facing little Tenko after his Quirk is triggered for the first time.

Tragically, he unintentionally harms their dog, while his sister Hana approaches him with fear.

In a last-ditch effort to prevent the tragedy, Deku suddenly transforms into a child and grasps Tenko’s hands.

Despite beginning to decay, Deku firmly maintains his grip.

When Tenko, tearfully questioning his actions, asks why he’s persisting, Deku replies simply that it’s because Tenko is crying.

Tenko reveals that he chose to harm his family as it’s the only way he can endure his burden.

Despite feeling a direct emotional connection through their joined hands, Deku continues to hold on.

Within Tenko, Deku senses a delicate equilibrium of hatred and catharsis, as well as sadness and confusion.

Despite Tenko’s insistence for him to leave, Deku refuses, expressing his relief when someone holds his hand and recalling a similar moment with Iida during the Dark Deku Rescue.

Tenko and Deku disappear, and in the subsequent panel, Tenko is depicted playing with two friends who suggest he can pretend to be All Might.

Tenko and Deku reappear, accompanied by the original members of the League of Villains standing alongside them. Tenko’s hair starts to turn white.

In the following scene, individuals are cheering for Shigaraki, while a police officer notices the fingers surrounding the Villain are vanishing.

Suddenly, darkness envelops the scene, and in the subsequent panel, Kotaro Shimura is shown having dinner with an enigmatic individual.

The person inquires if Tenko’s Quirk has manifested yet.

Shigaraki denies ownership of the memories. The enigmatic figure scolds him, “You naive vessel.

You were almost swayed by this insignificant boy? Aspiring for strength, yet you’ve never overcome your weaknesses… What a fool, Tenko Shimura.

You’ve never once made a decision independently.”

In an instant, the colossal head of All For One emerges in the vestige world, heralding his comeback.

The spoilers end here so far. The manga will be back next week.