My Hero Academia Chapter 417 Spoilers: Shigaraki’s Final Backstory Revealed! Deku Loses One For All?!

According to @RukasuMHA on Twitter (X), My Hero Academia Chapter 417 is titled “Shimura”

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The spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 417 are out! And it looks like the truth about Nana Shimura and her relationship with Shigaraki and his father has been revealed! Nana ain’t the kind-hearted justice seeking hero we once thought…

Although it isn’t confirmed yet, it seems like Deku has lost either lost one of his quirks or One For All itself. Shigaraki has once again gotten the upper hand.

So what will become of our young hero? Will he Talk-No-Jutsu his way out or will it be a case of “kill or be killed”? Stay tuned to find out!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 417 Spoilers:

According to @RukasuMHA on Twitter (X), My Hero Academia Chapter 417 is titled “Shimura”

Diving into the latest chapter of our favorite manga series, we’re greeted with a whirlwind of events that leave us both breathless and intrigued. It all starts with a powerful gust emerging from Shigaraki, tossing Hatsume’s robot aside and setting the stage for what unfolds next. As spectators watch, perplexed, it appears Midoriya has delved into Shigaraki’s enigmatic finger cocoon.

Turning the page reveals Deku inside the cocoon, delivering a punch that transports all users except Nana. She desperately calls out their names, realizing her exclusion stems from her conflicted emotions regarding Shigaraki and Kotarou.

As Deku prepares to ring a doorbell within the cocoon, he’s confronted by a shadowy manifestation of himself, questioning his intentions and the potential consequences of delving into the past. Recognizing Shigaraki’s voice, Deku acknowledges his uncertainty but feels compelled to uncover the truth.

Despite a warning of “die” from the dark version of himself, Deku resolves to proceed. However, a near collision with a truck and damage to his backpack serve as a jolting realization of his physical presence within this surreal realm.

Nana explains that Deku’s status as a One For All user grants him corporeal form within Shigaraki’s subconscious, enabling interaction. Surprised yet grateful for Nana’s presence, Deku learns they’ve reached Shigaraki’s core, the nexus where he’s vulnerable.

Nana says that this is Shigaraki’s core, his origin — where’s they can hit him. It’s the only chance they’ll have to defeat him. Deku runs to press the doorbell but Stain materializes, jumps on him and puts two knives to his neck, like he did to Shigaraki in the Hosu arc.

Stain then turns into Re:Destro who asks, “What do you stand for? What do you want to build?”, like he asked Shigaraki in MVA. Re:Destro then turns into Overhaul who asks “do you have a plan?”, just like he asked Shigaraki in the Shie Hassaikai arc.

Despite their interference, Deku defiantly proceeds, encountering an image of Nana and a young Kotarou, accompanied by a heartrending conversation between Hana and Tenko. Witnessing Kotarou’s abuse and Tenko’s anguish, Nana grapples with guilt over her past decisions and gets teary-eyed.

Deku walks through the door and sees Kotarou beating his son, but Tenko is represented as a black silhouette. Nana starts crying and Deku runs towards them, but is blocked by Shigaraki’s rejection. Kotarou says that their grandmother is a demon who abandoned her own son.

Nana thinks to herself that this isn’t true, that she was forced to leave him behind. She realizes that the wound she left on Kotarou ended up hurting Shigaraki too and blames herself for not being strong enough to defeat AFO and go back for her son.

She falls to the ground, but realizes she has to do something and wipes away her tears. “I’m sorry, Kotarou, for being such a weak mother. I’m sorry I never came back.” The two of them break through the invisible barrier — Deku jumps towards Tenko and Nana hugs Kotarou.

With that, Nana’s consciousness merges with Shigaraki’s, her final reflection tinged with regret. Her last words were, “It was all Grandma’s fault…”. The scene changes and Tenko is no longer just a silhouette. Now he’s crying in the backyard and starts decaying while Deku watches. Thus ends the chapter.

My Hero Academia manga heads into a break next week. Horikoshi comments in this week’s Jump “The Kaoru Mitoma towel I bought online is finally here! I’m wishing him a steady recovery so he can go back to soccer soon!”