My Hero Academia Chapter 415 Spoilers: Shigaraki Rejects One For All

Both La Brava and Hatsume will say that they will keep rooting for Deku’s triumph.

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The spoilers for chapter 415 of the My Hero Academia manga are here, and Shigaraki rejects the transfer of One For All!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 415 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled Rejection and starts with Tsuyu and Mineta in that one USJ scene of the boat.

Yoichi realizes that their memories are blending together because of OFA and AFO’s quirk factors’ resonance, which has been getting stronger since they started fighting.

AFO always wanted a strong heart so he could steal OFA, but the true heart was always inside them. This power was passed on from generation to generation just for this moment, to defeat the strongest villain of all. Deku prepares to transfer all the vestiges at once.

The chapter shows more memories from the USJ arc, like the big Noumu and Shigaraki’s original design.

Deku punches Tomura, but it doesn’t work. Shigaraki’s rejection is so strong that he opposed the transfer, but he still received some damage.

However, En still managed to break through and get transferred, which explains the damage. This makes Deku realize that he can’t give up yet, he just has to keep trying. He then sees a memory of a man in a suit taking Tenko home.

Shigaraki’s giant fingers keep getting bigger and more grotesque.

One of Hatsume’s robots, the one that looks like a little ball with wings (from back when Deku was training Air Force with All Might), is recording the battle.

The chapter then cuts to U.A. which is in the process of landing. Cementoss, Gentle, and other heroes are doing everything they can to make the landing safe.

Hatsume says that Deku is still her client, so she needs to keep an eye on him to better meet his demands in the future.

La Brava shares that Deku is the boy who made the man she loves get arrested, turning him into a better person.

Both she and Hatsume will keep watching the fight and rooting for his victory, no matter what.

The business course student is also watching the fight on his phone, and he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

The chapter then focuses on one of the shelters, where several civilians are shocked by Shigaraki’s giant fingers.

The chapter ends with Eri running and Ectoplasm trying to stop her. My Hero Academia will be on a break next week.