My Hero Academia Chapter 411 Spoilers: Shigaraki Is Stronger Than AFO?! Deku Vs Shigaraki Begins!

According to the spoilers, chapter 411 of MHA is titled “The Worst Villain to Ever Exist”

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The spoilers for chapter 411 of My Hero Academia manga are here, and it looks like the FINAL BATTLE OF THE SERIES between Deku and Shigaraki has commenced! But they’ve yet to exchange blows but Shigaraki is taunting Deku and Deku… wants to save Shigaraki….

Well, I wonder how this will end…

In the previous chapter, Bakugo proved to be the GOAT of deuteragonists by killing All For One once and for all! (pun intended) Horikoshi basically pulled a Muzan for AFO’s death, as he was reduced to a child form before Bakugo reversed the incoming missile back to his opponent, making him literally go:

After that, Bakugo falls to the ground and raises his fist to say, “Izuku, give him hell!” Character development went brrrrrr.

Meanwhile, multiple flashbacks are screened in the vestige world, and Shigaraki is declared by previous OFA holders as the embodiment of destruction, ready to destroy Mt. Fuji, whereas Deku basically wants to do this:


Who will emerge victorious in the final battle of My Hero Academia? We know Deku will survive cause’ he’s basically narrating this story but will Shigaraki become a hero along side him? Stay tuned to find out!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 411 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 411 of MHA is titled “The Worst Villain to Ever Exist”. The chapter begins with a flashback in the vestige world, where Yoichi declares this is a battle between successors. Deku and the others need to defeat Shigaraki but Nana Shimura looks as if she’s in a state of two minds.

Banjo, the 5th user of OFA, mentions how Deku’s biggest challenge is to overcome Shigaraki’s regeneration.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Shigaraki’s giant hand appears inside the vestige world in order to kill the previous holders of OFA. Shinomori, the 4th user, sacrifices himself in order to save the other vestiges by getting absorbed by Shigaraki.

However, Shigaraki talks about how easy it was to steal Danger Sense from Deku, unlike for All For One.

Deku then combines Black Whip, Fa Jin and Gearshift for an attack called Black Chain, but Shigaraki dodges it with the stolen Danger Sense! Earlier in Chapter 410, Deku was running Gearshift, Fa Jin and Danger Sense in parallel in order to really go on the offensive, but since Shigaraki easily took Danger Sense away, Deku had to use other means to try attacking him.

Shigaraki proceeds to monstrously attack Deku, mocking him for the “I can’t pretend I didn’t see you crying” line and trying to sympathize with the villain. The dude was pissed that Deku is still picturing him as a human.

Deku protects himself with black whip, but his mask breaks. He feels sad because it’s the same mask that All Might got back for him after I dropped it.

Shinomori (either in Deku’s head or in the vestige world) says that the quirks getting stolen won’t decrease OFA’s base strength, because that power is stored on the quirk itself, not on the quirk factors. En cuts in and says Shigaraki knows they’re there and that they should flee because Shigaraki can just steal all of them in the blink of an eye.

Shigaraki says “I can see you, ghosts. You got stronger because you kept running away, right? So I’ll destroy all of you right now”. He says he’ll turn everything into a giant wasteland, just like his pal Spinner wanted.

So he proceeds to level Mt. Fuji entirely (RIP Japan’s top tourist attraction).

Shigaraki smiles at what he’s accomplished. Banjo says there’s more destruction awaits when lava spews out of Mt. Fuji. En jumps in to hype Shigaraki even further to say

“He’s not just AFO’s successor. He’s destruction itself!”

Even after all this, Deku still thinks that Shigaraki is still human, recollecting his talk with Uraraka. He’s smiling and covering his arm with black whip, preparing to attack, as Shigaraki’s danger sense activates.

And thus, the chapter ends here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 411 will officially release on Dec 31, 2023 and 412 will drop on Jan 7, 2024.

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