My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers: Bakugo Brings AFO To His Knees!

According to the spoilers, chapter 409 of the manga is titled “Quirk!!! Explosion!!!”

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The spoilers for chapter 409 of My Hero Academia manga are here, and it looks like Bakugo is getting the upper hand against All For One in Round 1! He used his signature Howitzer Impact and several explosion attacks, moves similar to Vegeta, when he faced Perfect Cell.

The end of the chapter shows AFO is nowhere to be seen. Is the final boss finally brought to his knees, or are all of Bakugo’s attacks in vain?

Check out the full spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 409 here!

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 409 of the manga is titled “Quirk!!! Explosion!!!” It has 15 pages, out of which 5 are double-spreads.

The chapter begins with Bakugou’s birth. Mitsuki smiles as she looks at the baby while Masaru cries. We then see some flashbacks of him, such as him bullying Deku, him saying that he’ll get stronger after their second fight and him saying that his quirk is strong.

We then come back to the present where Bakugou thinks to himself: “Izuku, I won’t mess with you anymore”. AFO launches his attack, but Bakugou shouts “burst” and an explosion hits AFO, causing him to fall to the ground.

But what’s confusing for AFO is that the explosion didn’t budge Bakugo one bit.

Bakugo then flies towards AFO and explains that, since the rain affects his quirk, he covered up the explosive sweat drops with normal sweat drops. He then threw those drops into AFO’s mouth at the end of chapter 406 and waited for them to explode when he attacked back.

AFO can’t believe he’s been outwitted, and Bakugou claims that he’s always been quite brilliant by saying he doesn’t need many quirks (unlike AFO); “explosion” is more than plenty. AFO recognizes that the explosion has screwed up his attack and that he needs to reactivate it.

“This is my story, you side character!!!” AFO furiously exclaims. Bakugo replies with two double spreads of continuous explosion attacks and Howitzer Impact and yells “Shut up!!!”

AFO believes that the quirk factors aren’t operating as they should, and it’s not simply because of the explosions. “Is it because my body has become too small and fragile?!” . That’s when we realize AFO is now a child within the vestige world as well.

That’s when Hawks’ quirk’s vestige appears, claiming that all of AFO’s rage has caused the vestiges and quirks to lose control. Hawks were even able to conduct a fan gathering as a result of this. And just like for Gojo, we see all the other vestiges are falling for Hawks.

“Shigaraki was ultimately responsible for your demise,” Hawks remarks, sticking up his tongue. According to All Might, the harm that all parties involved inflicted on AFO physically and psychologically has paid off. As Bakugo yells out, “This is *our* story!!!”

The final double-spread shows All Might, Mitsuki, Masaru and Yoichi watching the battle. After his last big explosion, Bakugou says, “I’d never have been able to defeat you all by myself”. The chapter ends here.

My Hero Academia manga will be on break next week, and chapter 410 will drop the week after that.

Spoilers Source: Twitter