My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: One For All’s Third User Revealed, AFO’s Final Gamble!

According to the spoilers, chapter 408 of the manga is titled “Eyes Full of Determination!!”. 

My Hero Academia

The spoilers for chapter 408 of My Hero Academia manga are here, and it provides more insight into OFA’s past, and the identity of the third AFO user!

The chapter also shows OFA’s final gamble as Bakugo prepares to fight.

My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 408 of the manga is titled “Eyes Full of Determination!!”.

The chapter starts in the sewer, where AFO has killed Yoichi. All of his body except for one hand falls apart.

It is then revealed that AFO gave him the name “Yoichi” because it contains the kanji for “give” and “first”.

Then, we see Kudou’s eyes, which are full of emotions and tears, forming a reflection of AFO, the man who killed Yoichi, while AFO’s eyes are completely white.

It is also revealed that Yoichi was killed 2 months after escaping with Kudou and the third AFO user.

We then see AFO in an apartment in a very tall building, looking at Yoichi’s hand. He says that the quirk he gave his brother doesn’t exist in his body anymore.

This has never happened before, and he starts thinking about all the plausible reasons.

He then realizes that it is possible that the quirk was passed down to someone else.

It is then revealed that the third user’s name is Bruce, and he is examining Kudou’s body.

Bruce asks Kudou whether he was touched by AFO during the combat because he was feeling strange, but Kudou encourages him to just reveal the results already.

It appears that there are now two quirk factors inside Kudou, the gearshift one and a very small, barely existing one.

According to the spoilers, the next page shows two versions of Yoichi. One says “I couldn’t stop my brother. He only sees people as toys” and the other says “My brother kept me alive. If only he cared more about other people…”

“If only he cared more about other people, the power to give and take could have been the kindest in the whole world”. Kudou and AFO then come to similar conclusions. Kudou says “Yoichi’s will now lives within me”, while All For One says “that means he still exists”

We then get a quick time-lapse of the next few decades of AFO activities, showing him killing Kudou and Bruce, starting his cult, meeting the doctor, failing to steal OFA from Banjo, cutting En in half, killing Nana, and getting destroyed by All Might.

It is then revealed that when All Might defeated AFO for the first time, the doctor stole his body from the morgue.

We’re then back to the present, where AFO wonders if Bakugou is Kudou’s descendant. However, he rules that out to be impossible as he killed everyone related to him.

He then realizes that Bakugou’s eyes have the same determination as Kudou’s.

AFO knows that he can’t keep fighting and become younger as he has to deal with Shigaraki later as well. Hence, he decides to deal with both Bakugou and Shigaraki at once by using all of his quirks.

Yoichi’s vestige sensed danger, and then, we get a double spread showing AFO using all of his quirks, with several heads coming out of his body.

The move is called “Realease Every Quirk Factor: All for One Goal”. Edgeshot realizes that AFO is planning to use all of his quirks to send himself flying at an insane speed.

All Might then notes that this is his last stand, as doing so will revert him back to his baby form.

Bakugou looks at the monstrous thing in front of him and, smiling, says, “Are you stupid? There’s no way this dumb thing will win” and the chapter ends.