My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Spoilers: AFO’s Past Explains The History Of Quirks!

Chapter 407 of the My Hero Academia manga is titled “Paranormal Orphan”

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My Hero Academia

The spoilers for chapter 407 of the My Hero Academia manga are here, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the fight between Bakugo and AFO to continue from the previous chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 407 of the My Hero Academia manga is titled “Paranormal Orphan”

The chapter takes a step back as we see a flashback, where a prostitute has grown a spike-shaped tumor on her left arm.

However, she couldn’t pay attention to it, as she was too exhausted from being pregnant with a pair of twins.

The woman gave birth to the twins at a riverside and died then and there. With her death, the tumor vanished too. One of the twins was weak and small, while the other was born fairly big and with a hole in his hand.

Soon after, rats showed up to eat the mother’s corpse, and the babies along with it. Fortunately, the two babies ended up being carried away by the river’s current.

A year after this incident, the glowing baby that started it all was born in China.

Not only did newborns have powers, though; those who had not yet reached adolescence also displayed quirks.

At the time, the working hypothesis suggested that human genetics had a novel component.

Sadly, releasing this information to the public was a mistake since it sparked the creation of a radical anti-meta abilities group.

Young AFO was seen being found by the group. Despite their sympathy for him and recognition of him as an “orphan of the paranormal,” they avoided approaching him because they believed he was “infected.”

Their presence alarmed AFO, who used Spike’s quirk to kill them all. The quirk he received from his mother was the spike quirk.

Yoichi interrupted AFO’s attack on the group by hurling a can. But AFO kicked his sibling because he thought he was a bother.

It is then revealed that since the moment he was born, AFO believed that the world belonged to him.

This was evident even in infant AFO’s actions, sucking all the nutrients out of his own mother, causing Yoichi to be born weak and small.

Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 407 then revealed what happened a few years later. A radio announces that the glowing baby is fighting on the front line to protect peace.

In the meantime, Yoichi is reading comic books as he’s trying to learn even though he can’t understand complex sentences.

Yoichi finds the authors of comics to be amazing, as they express so many emotions just through drawings, even expressing his dream of becoming like Captain Hero.

The spoilers then reveal that Yoichi believed that his brother, AFO, always had a good side of him, because he held Yoichi’s hand as a kid.

Typically, the comics would use expressions like “One For All” and “All For One.”

The enemy would rule by terror, while the hero would battle alone while maintaining a secret identity.

Given that Yoichi aspired to be a hero, AFO assumed the position of the antagonist.

He envisioned a future in which everything existed just for his benefit.

The next spoiler panel for My Hero Academia chapter 407 showed Kudou grabbing Yoichi’s hand and yanking him away from AFO.

Given that he was the one who had granted Yoichi her talents, AFO was left perplexed. Even still, his brother continued to flee from him.

When AFO saw this, he became enraged and appeared to hack off Yoichi’s hand to prevent him from fleeing.

The chapter ends here.