My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Spoilers: Bakugo’s Quirk Awakens! Second OFA User’s Identity Revealed!

While Bakugo has managed to save All Might, he still has a lot to do! 

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia chapter 406’s spoilers are here, and the story progresses further with Bakugo in the picture.

While Bakugo has managed to save All Might, he still has a lot to do!

My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 406 is titled “Understand Your Own Quirk”. 

The chapter begins by showing the state of the war. The fights at the General Hospital and Okuto Island are over, with Hound Dog and the Ketsubutsu students having successfully captured Skeptic and evacuation complete.

Meanwhile, Aoyama and Hagakure are freeing the heroes stuck in the parking lot.

But the fight against Gashly at Takoba Arena continues, and it’s unclear where Kurogiri has taken Present Mic and Aizawa.

A short scene from My Hero Academia chapter 406 shows Lady Nagant thinking about Rock Lock warning them that Izuku Midoriya is their only hope while she is still lying on the rooftop.

As the story turns to All Might, who is impressed by Bakugo’s speed, she cries out to Deku. Edgeshot reveals that even Shigaraki was surprised by Bakugo’s astonishing speed before to his first death.

He then adds that Bakugo must be trying to figure out how to increase that pace even more.

Despite being furious and having fallen among debris, All for One is more concerned about reaching Shigaraki than killing Bakugo.

Shigaraki believes he can just “break” Bakugo once more.

While continuing to battle Shigaraki, Deku becomes aware that he has failed to devise a counter for his opponent’s use of Decay, physical alteration, and regeneration.

He can only utilize Gear Shift once more before the unthinkable reaction occurs. He has only been avoiding the attacks with Danger Sense.

Deku, however, chooses to utilize it immediately, and it appears that the Second User agrees with him.

The chapter then returns to AFO, who tells himself that he cannot fight someone like Bakugo, whose quirk is not as strong as Endeavor’s or Tokoyami’s, in order to further regress.

Bakugo, meantime, is aware that the agonizing pain his perspiration creates as it spreads across his injured body feeds his eccentricity.

All he needs to do is find the point of greatest agony and direct it towards speed.

He does this with such ease that he quickly outpaces Izuku and believes that he may have even passed him now.

According to the spoilers, the chapter then cuts to Bakugo’s parents watching the fight live.

Mitsuki tells his father that they must watch to encourage Katsuki, who must be grinning right now, when he becomes too uncomfortable to watch.

AFO is perplexed as to why this boy is aggravating him more than All Might at another place.

He understands that it’s because Bakugo resembles the OFA Second User.

In a flashback, it is revealed that the Second User informs AFO that Yoichi has passed away and that the Demon Lord is to blame.

It is revealed that AFO holds the Second User accountable for everything that has occurred, claiming that if he hadn’t gotten in touch with Yoichi, none of it would have happened.

“It’s all your fault, Kudo!” exclaims AFO, with Kudo likely being the name of the Second User.

Bakugo then replies that he is not Kudo, but “Bakugo no Kacchan”, making the distinction clear.

The chapter ends here.