My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers: Bakugo Comes In For The Rescue!

The chapter is titled “We love you! All Might!”

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My Hero Academia

The spoilers for chapter 404 of My Hero Academia are here, and it brings relief to fans as Bakugo saves all might!

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “We love you! All Might!”.

The chapter opens with a flashback of Nighteye’s “cruel death” foresight for All Might, as the chapter shows AFO holding All Might in his arms and people around the world witness the events taking place.

A farmer had already given up since he was convinced that the world would see the former hero’s demise. In the meantime, a large number of people were seen applauding All Might; one dog-boy even declared that he did not want him to pass away.

Meryl, the US weather reporter, reappeared elsewhere to inform her coworkers that her footage on the butterfly effect had been uploaded to the internet.

Meryl noticed the strange, seemingly powerful air circulation as she peered at the computer.

Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 404: Bakugo then turned to face Deku and began to fly in his direction as the action returned to the battlefield.

Taking hold of Bakugo’s hand, Deku began spinning him around in the air, just as in the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

When the Second OFA user realized what Deku was up to, he cautioned him against using Gearshift again because it could wear him out.

Deku, however, nevertheless utilized the Quirk on Bakugo and flung him in the direction of AFO and All Might.

Still, Tomura Shigaraki began to smile, knowing full well that Bakugo would not be there in time to save All Might.

Additionally, he knew that All Might’s vestige inside OFA had vanished.

Therefore, another vestige had started to appear, which looked human-like, similar to the other vestiges.

Shigaraki then says “The death of the man who brought dreams to this world will bring the real world back.”

As the narrative described how everyone prayed and applauded for All Might to live, the wind suddenly became much more intense.

The chapter then goes into another flashback to Sir Nighteye’s words, where he stated that everyone’s “wishing energy” would change the future.

Similar to the butterfly effect, which states that a butterfly’s flap in Brazil could trigger a hurricane in Texas, it appeared that everyone’s prayers caused the powerful blast of wind.

As he recalled his feelings of shame for being the one who started All Might’s heroic career, Bakugo flew towards All Might in this chapter ready to prevent his death.

By detonating AFO’s arms, Bakugo preserved All Might. All Might’s vestige, in the meantime, resumed its previous appearance.

Bakugo said they would win the duel as All Might was taken aback by his appearance, and the chapter ends here.