My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers: Hero Killer Stain Saves All Might!

The chapter is named “The World.”

mha chapter 400 spoilers
My Hero Academia

While fans expected My Hero Academia Chapter 400 to end the fight between All Might and All For One, but things getting more twisted!

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers:

According to My Hero Academia chapter 400 spoilers, the chapter is named “The World.”

The chapter starts at the parking lot where Kuneida has been knocked out, where Aoyama and Hagakure notice that she is visible and naked.

Hagakure then rushes to hide behind plants as she remembers that her face had become visible when Aoyama’s betrayal came to light.

She believes that her quirk “glitches” due to adrenaline, and the risks from the battle might have triggered them again.

Hagakure is also worried about Aoyama, who has used his Naval Laser extensively.

However, he asks her to focus on burning the roots of the plants growing from people’s bodies by reflecting his lase as it isn’t guaranteed that the quirk won’t work because he’s unconscious.

And, Aoyama is giving it his all, as this is his last day as a U.A. student.

According to the spoilers, the chapter then shifts focus to the fight between AFO and All Might.

Star and Stripe’s conflict with Shigaraki served as the impetus for the scheme to utilize a massive laser.

It turns out that All Might had kept AFO in place with a copy of Earphone Jack while he himself utilized Tentacole and his thrusters to escape from the blast zone, despite the fact that AFO had tried to avoid it.

He then used Invisible Girl’s reflection shields to shield himself, and Tailman’s damage-reducing abilities to lessen the impact of AFO’s earlier blow.

AFO had attempted to avoid the blast zone, but All Might had managed to keep him there using a replica of Earphone Jack while he himself used Tentacole and his thrusters to escape out of it.

Then, he used Tailman’s damage-reduction skills to decrease the impact of AFO’s initial attack while also shielding himself with Invisible Girl’s reflection shields.

A child watching the battle live can be seen in My Hero Academia chapter 400.

He begins to support All Might despite not knowing the hero and having no sympathy for Japan.

Hercules ultimately detonates back at the battleground, turning off the laser and releasing the further-regressed AFO.

He now resembles the image of the first person to ever acquire Quirks, a little child with light erupting from his body.

When the infant AFO’s body freezes, something like an arm begins to emerge from his back, and Stain reappears with a glider. He licks the blood of AFO from the wreckage, praising All Might and saying, “Everyone’s blood is equally red.”

The chapter ends here, there’s no break next week.