My Hero Academia Chapter 399 Spoilers: All Might VS All For One Continues

The fight between All Might and All For One continues.

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Fans have been eagerly waiting for chapter 398 of the My Hero Academia manga, and the spoilers for it are here!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Recap:

In the previous chapter, we witnessed a flashback to when All Might first met his mentor, Nana Shimura.

All Might also showcased the real power of Hercules, activating Ingenium and Uravity and going for a final attack.

The chapter ended by showing the parallel between Deku and All Might’s battle.

My Hero Academia Chapter 399 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled A.C. Powered Lamp and begins with All For One destroying the building while All Might dodges his attacks.

Using Froppy and Tentacole, All Might increases his mobility and sticks to the walls.

All Might plans to use Shoto’s cannon and Tailman’s tail to launch an attack against AFO.

After considering it, All Might decides to use “that” student’s quirk if AFO’s rewinding depends on the amount of damage he takes.

All Might then asks the Anima birds to fly him far away, to which AFO taunts that running after laughing like that is pathetic and underwhelming.

AFO knows what All Might is thinking and plans to kill him with minimal effort.

All Might dodges AFO’s black tendrils and then faces two monstrous mouths.

He calls AFO a lair, as he is not using his minimal strength to put an end to him. The mouths start chasing All Might, destroying everything in their way.

AFO hysterically laughs and says All Might’s smile is no more. He also calls All Might just an old man copying his students’ power.

AFO’s black tendril breaks All Migth’s armor’s tentacles as AFO claims that he will end the symbol of peace.

All Might tries his best as he dodges AFO’s attacks. AFO suddenly appears from inside a wall, which causes All Might to spit blood.

AFO claims that All Might’s light is gradually decreasing and he will die soon.

Just then, All Might shoots Shoto’s canon inside AFO’s mouth and taunts that he has learned nothing.

The chapter then shifts focus to Aoyama, who is still undefeated at the hands of Kuneida.

Aoyama bleeds as roses grow inside his body. He somehow manages to make another attack with his laser, but Kuneida says he does not need more light as his seed requires human flesh to grow.

Fat Gum explained that the roots have grown inside him, preventing him from using his quirk.

He then passes out as he asks Aoyama to do his best. Then a flower blooms inside Fat Gum, starting a chain reaction from its pollen that creates new flowers.

One of the flowers snatches Aoyama’s belt and hands it to Kuneida.

Later, Kuneida calls Aoyama pathetic for having a broken quirk. Aoyama thinks back to his past and remembers his mistake and the time when Kuneida called him a traitor.

Aoyama uses his quirk without his belt, resulting in lasers going berserk in all directions.

None of the lasers hit Kuneida, but fortunately, Hagakure appears behind Kuneida. She uses a mirror to reflect the laser, directing it towards Kuneida.

The chapter then redirects its focus back to All Might, who is giving out his speech on how the new generation is illuminating the darkness and allowing him to shine again.

The chapter closes with Hercules launching a laser at AFO in mid-air. My Hero Academia will be on a break next week.