My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Spoilers: All Might Show Off New Powers!

My Hero Academia chapter 398 is titled “Toshinori Yagi: Rising Origin”. 

All-Might chp 398 spoilers
My Hero Academia

Fans have been eagerly waiting for chapter 398 of the My Hero Academia manga, and the spoilers for it are here!

Fans were expecting to see the climax of the battle, but the chapter builds even heavier into All Might’s past and the fight!

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Spoilers:

In the previous chapter, All Might used a strategy to anger All for One to waste resources while using combination attacks and remembered his first meeting with Nana Shimura, his master.

My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 398 is titled “Toshinori Yagi: Rising Origin”. 

At the start of the chapter, we see Hercules launching acid All for One’s body, dealing valuable damage.

We then enter a flashback, which shows a young Toshinori requesting Nana Shimura to take him in as a disciple.

Nana declined, stating that since he was quirkless, he could only protect something that was in a  three-meter radius.

After hearing his story, she said that she understood his reasons, but she doesn’t have the time to train him during an ongoing war.

However, Toshinori asserts that he doesn’t want vengeance, he wants to become the symbol of peace. He further explains that he doesn’t have a set role in society as a quirkless person, and hence, he wanted to protect everyone.

The spoilers then return to the present, where AFO and All Might crash into Tatooin station, the same way as in the first chapter of the manga.

All Might has suffered multiple broken ribs and nearing organ failure. He is then seen lying on top of the same building where a quirkless Deku asked him if he could become a hero.

AFO arrives at the scene, and All Might notices that he has become younger. This meant that AFO had to use multiple quirks to remove the acid damage, causing the transformation.

From this, All Might comes up with the theory that the more damage AFO takes, the younger he will become.

All Might’s mind is suddenly filled with multiple memories, like the time when Deku rushed in to save Bakugo.

Then, All Might tells Hercules to send all the equipment at once as he prepares for the final attacks.

These include metal tentacles similar to Doc Ock from Spiderman Comics, two gauntlets, and a metal crow.

One of All Might’s eyes returns back to normal as he expresses gratitude for being able to help people for so long.

All Might then activates “Ingenium” and “Uravity” to boost his mobility as he goes in for his final attack, and the All Might in Vestige feels the presence of the real one.

The scene then shifts to the UA, where Deku is fighting Shikagraki and thinks of All Might, while the latter thinks of Deku and the chapter ends.