My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers: All Might Is Back!

The chapter is titled “A Quirkless Fight”. 

all might my hero academia chapter 396 spoilers
My Hero Academia

The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 396 are here, and it brings a nice change of pace by bringing the focus back to All Might!

My Hero Academia Chapter 395 Recap:

Toga realized in the last chapter that Ochako would pass away if she kept losing blood in this manner.

In order to stop that, she assumed the identity of Ochako and began a blood transfusion, which involved transferring her own blood to the other girl.

The conclusion of the chapter strongly suggested that Toga died while trying to save Ochako.

My Hero Academia Chapter 396 Spoilers:

According to the My Hero Academia chapter 396 spoilers, the chapter is titled “A Quirkless Fight”.

The chapter shifts its attention to All Might and moves back in time by 20 minutes before the clones in Gunga vanish.

All Might thinks back to Nighteye’s remarks and questions whether AFO is the bad guy he foresaw in his vision.

Hercules, his vehicle, transforms into a terrifyingly accurate duplicate of his armour.

He doesn’t open his mouth, though, because All Might still thinks a smile can make a hero.

Hercules is instructed by All Might to begin filming the fight, and La Brava instantly begins to air it.

But when Tsukauchi realizes that this will be All Might’s last battle, he begs her to stop, arguing that no one should have to witness their hero suffer an agonizing death.

AFO and All Might are fighting on the battlefield in chapter 396 of My Hero Academia.

The Hero summons “Red,” which enables Hercules to create a shield to safeguard All Might from the electric strike of AFO.

Hercules forewarns him that he wouldn’t survive another such assault, and AFO mocks him by saying that his employment of the One for All made this form of combat possible.

However, in the subsequent attack, wires protrude from All Might’s armor, which he refers to as the “Black Whip.”

Then comes an attack involving lightning called “Chargebolt” and another involving wires called “Cellophane.”

AFO is rebutted by All Might, who claims that he always tries to steal the other person’s peculiarity by initially striking them from a distance.

However, All Might does not possess a quirk, therefore this fighting technique is useless against him.

Hercules’ foot advances as more of his parts fly forward.

David and Melissa Shield came up with the idea for this armor.

On television, Melissa may be seen watching the conflict. Tsukauchi is reminded by All Might that he never enters a battle believing he will lose.

In the final scene of chapter 396 of My Hero Academia, All Might kicks AFO with a shooting-style smash.