My Hero Academia Chapter 395 Spoilers: Toga Sacrifices Herself For Uraraka!

The chapter is titled “What Lies Beyond My Happiness”. 

mha 395 spoilers
My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia fans have been eagerly waiting for chapter 395 of the manga, and the spoilers for it are here!

While the previous chapter left fans wondering about the fate of Toga and Uraraka, chapter 395 offers closure to fans, kind of.

Let’s take a look at the spoilers!

My Hero Academia Chapter 395 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “What Lies Beyond My Happiness”.

According to the spoilers, the chapter begins will all of Toga’s clones vanishing, which were attacking the Todoroki family, Ida, and Hawks.

One of the clones was holding a knife while running toward Hawk. As it vanishes, Hawk says “Bubaigawa was a really nice guy, right, Himiko Toga?”

The scene then changes to Toga talking to herself about her knife being an object that allows her to become who she loves.

Hence, she shouldn’t have held it with hate in her heart.

We then see her standing next to Ochako, who is lying down on the ground.

Toga is holding her mask in one hand and panting. She realizes that Uraraka is exhausted as she didn’t release her quirk until all heroes were back to the ground.

Uraraka realizes that she has lost too much blood and that she can’t even move a finger anymore.

Toga looks around and sees how many people she has hurt, including Uraraka, whom she stabbed.

She then tells Ochako that the League of Villains wanted to destroy everything and reset the world,

However, she can’t allow a world without Ochako to exist. Toga drinks Ochacko’s blood and transforms and says “My feelings are genuine, so I will give you all of my blood”.

She starts the transfusion by putting the syringe in both their arms.

Ochacko feels like her body is starting to heat up, and she knows the outcome of this.

Toga then adds that Jin did the same thing, using a clone of her to perform a blood transfusion. But, she doesn’t have Twice’s blood to make clones anymore, and hence turned into Uraraka.

Ochako asks her to stop, but Toga starts stitching up Ochako’s stab wound.

Toga then says that Ochako actually seems willing to keep taking her blood for her to drink. She could’ve very well just “acted like a hero” and killed the villain, but she chose not to.

Toga apologizes for stabbing and yelling at her. She claims that Toya set fire to the house, which pushed her to act normally.

However, this did not feel the wounds in her heart.

According to Toga, Ochako is genuinely strange.

Ochako responds that Toga is the odd one out for performing this transfusion, but Toga asserts that she will always live her life according to her own terms.

She won’t allow herself to be arrested because of this, even if it’s on Ochako’s terms.

Ochako touched Toga’s heart, though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and that made her feel better on the inside.

“Thank you so much, Ochako-chan. I was so, so happy”, she says.

Ochako begins to sob while yelling “Himiko-chan!” as the blood is still being transferred, and Toga smiles.

As she continues, Toga claims that she mixed love and envy while she drank people’s blood.

She could have given her blood to numerous people, though, if she had been loved back sooner.

And if that happened, it would make the world a little bit simpler to live in.

A picture of Toga flying a tiny bird and grinning while gazing up into the sky is shown.

“But still, I am Himiko Toga. I lived the way I wanted to and was a normal girl, with the cutest smile in the whole world!”.

Both the girls are lying on the ground as the chapter ends.

The manga will be on break next week.