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My Hero Academia Chapter 393 Spoilers: Ochaco Uraraka’s Quirk Has Awakened

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “A Girl’s Ego”.

Ochaco-Uraraka.My-Hero-Academia chapter 393
My Hero Academia

The spoilers for chapter 393 of the My Hero Academia manga are here, and we’re finally jumping into more serious action!

While the chapter mainly develops the Toga and Ochaco conflict, it is important for the power-up we see by the end of the chapter!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the spoilers!

My Hero Academia Chapter 393 spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “A Girl’s Ego”. Apparently, it has two double spreads as well.

The chapter starts with a flashback featuring the original League of Villains engaging in a conversation about Villain Names.

Upon realizing that Toga and Shigaraki were the only ones without such names, Spinner proposed “Vampire Carmilla” for the girl.

Twice then suggested “Pikachiu” due to the sound “Chiu Chiu” that Toga makes when drinking blood.

Dabi mocked both names, stating that they were associated with entities that existed prior to the emergence of Quirks.

Shigaraki commented that during the early stages of Quirk society, when the distinction between heroes and villains wasn’t clear, their hero or villain name was bestowed upon them by the general public.

This notion drew inspiration from comic books, which seemingly ceased to be mere fantasies following the advent of Quirks.

As a result of this differentiation, their present-day society strongly resembles the world depicted in old comic books.

Nevertheless, Shigaraki held the belief that these bestowed names compelled individuals to conceal their true identities beneath a facade dictated by societal norms.

Toga was quite impressed by what Shigaraki said, vowing to live her life as Himiko Toga only.

The chapter then comes back to the present, where Ochaco has been stabbed.

Toga expresses her belief that although Ochaco currently appears sympathetic, she would imprison her in a cage once the war concludes.

Toga then activates her ability called “Dead Man’s Legion,” extracting blood from the battlefield and causing her clones to swiftly transform into various other heroes.

The heroes scattered across the battleground are mercilessly struck down, while a reporter announces that the Quirk Singularity theory is being realized due to the fury of a young girl.

Despite sustaining significant injuries and bleeding heavily, Ochaco successfully defends herself against Toga’s clones.

She acknowledges that she cannot overlook Toga’s past crimes, but she can recognize that her environment and life experiences played a role in shaping her actions.

When they initially encountered each other, Ochaco was fearful because she didn’t understand Toga, but she has since gained a better understanding of her.

Toga remembers that Twice approved of her choice to go without a villain name.

Ochaco remembers Deku and becomes wistful about Toga’s ability to live freely and talk openly about the people and things she loves.

In the following panel, the two girls are depicted as young children.

Uraraka remarks that Toga’s smile is incredibly genuine, inspiring her to desire a life of similar freedom.

Toga recalls the times when she was mocked for her appearance, while Uraraka acknowledges, “I can’t pretend that I didn’t see you smiling.”

During their confrontation, Ochaco’s fingertips begin to emit a sparkling light, and an aura resembling lightning emanates across the battlefield, causing Toga’s clones to levitate.

Jiro observes that Zero Gravity is functioning without Uravity needing physical contact with the targets.

Ochaco reaffirms that although she cannot overlook Toga’s actions and may not agree with all of her choices moving forward, she will still stand by her and be there for her.

With her hands covered in blood, Ochaco extends them towards Toga, recalling a scene reminiscent of their childhood in My Hero Academia chapter 393.

However, this time, it is little Ochaco who reaches out her arm toward little Toga, offering her blood to soothe her.