My Hero Academia Chapter 391 Spoilers: Uraraka Vs Toga!

The title of the chapter is Rejected by the World

Mha spoilers chapter 391
My Hero Academia

After a one-week break, My Hero Academia is all set to come back with chapter 391. With the spoilers out, we finally have some more information about the next important segment after Dabi’s defeat!

My Hero Academia Chapter 391 Spoilers:

The title of the chapter is Rejected by the World, and it starts with an army of Twice clones fighting against the heroes.

Pixie-bob then summons a huge earth wave to dissipate a bunch of them.

However, more Twice appear behind her and start attacking.

Tiger yells her name, but gets caught up in the clone’s attacks himself.

According to the spoilers, we then get a narration that explains how Toga’s quirk works.

It explains that the heroes are no way of knowing how much blood she has stored and that even if they did, it wouldn’t matter.

The Twices became too much to handle for the heroes after the Sad Man’s Death Parade started.

Many heroes like Camie, Shishido, and others are being attacked by the Twices.

The scene changes, and we see an unconscious Shoto on the ground while Natsuo, Fuyumi, and Iida are listening to the sound of the clones fighting a bit far ahead.

Hawks agrees and stands up while holding his sword.

According to the spoilers, Iida and Hawks are far away from the Todorokis too.

Toga is fighting with all her power as well. Meanwhile, Ochako is shown floating in the air to escape the clones around her.

However, he gets hit in the face by a measuring tape held by one of the Twice clones.

Toga then starts thinking if Toya is really dead or not. Ochako then grabs Toga’s arm with a wire and a new special move, called Zero Gravity Space Walk.

Ochako then starts talking about how she has only known Toga since the summer of last year, but her opinion of her changed significantly.

However, Toga says that it’s too late, to which Ochako replies that she’s sorry for taking so long. She also adds that she has found her place in all of this.

Ochako also believes that he figured out why Toga couldn’t use Twice’s quick well after witnessing her tears.

She thinks that Toga’s murderous intent is mixing up with her love for other people, hence diluting the feelings within her.

This is different from Tsuyu’s speculation that Toga didn’t love Shigaraki and the others enough.

Tsuyu speculated that maybe she didn’t love Shigaraki and the others enough, but Ochako thinks that was not exactly it.

Frustrated, Toga shouts “Shut up, Ochako Uraraka! What do you know about me?! Nothing!” and her face reverts to Togas instead of Twice’s.

The chapter ends here.