My Hero Academia 425 Spoilers: The Epilogue Stirs Up The Story With A Potential Antagonist!?

shigaraki mha chapter 425 spoilers
My Hero Academia

The spoilers for My Hero Academia’s chapter 425 are here, and it brings a bittersweet feeling and suspense at the same time!

Without any further ado, let’s begin with the spoilers!

My Hero Academia 425 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Out-of-season”.

The chapter begins with Tamaki and Nejire receiving their diplomas as numerous male students are crying because Nejire is graduating.

To make things more interesting, Present Mic is DJing because the graduation is in June, meaning there is no cherry blossom, something that is common to see during graduations.

Tamaki asks Nejire if her injuries have healed, all thanks to Mirio. He kept taking care of her and the others in the flying UA after they lost.

Next, the narrator starts to describe everything Nezu has done to help the reconstruction project. ‘

He is a well-known individual throughout the world and was already in negotiations with other nations, getting ready to handle the fallout from the conflict.

Mic calls Mirio Togata, the graduate representative, and thanks Mawata Fuwa for the students’ remarks. All of the students are taken aback when Mirio enters the stage and delivers a very formal introduction—they were all expecting a joke.

According to Mirio, they gained nothing and lost a lot. The heroes never stop attempting to change “negatives” into “zero.”

All of the departments’ students used what they had learned at U.A. to the war effort, but they haven’t been able to start over from scratch yet.

To be ready for what comes next, they have been studying for three years, but today isn’t the finish line.

Creating a world of “positives” instead of “zeroes” where everyone can grin is their mission, since they believe that a bright future cannot exist without humor. Simply observe, Sir Nighteye.

The huge eyelash automobile belonging to Kenranzaki Bibimi smashes into the stage as Mirio then unleashes his quirk.

As Mirio bids the second and third years farewell, all of the students chuckle. The scene cuts to the 2-A (temporary) classroom, where Aizawa is the instructor!

That they would once more be taking classes with Aizawa makes Ashido very delighted. When Sero questions Bakugou about why he’s in the hospital, he responds that the doctor approved it—as long as he stays silent.

When Aizawa motions for Aoyama to come into the classroom, he declares his intention to leave U.A.

When Jirou asks whether he hasn’t changed his mind, Aoyama responds that he thinks that leaving is the proper thing to do, even if Tsukauchi suggested he could stay.

He believes that he had no right to attend the third-year graduation ceremony because he joined U.A. at AFO’s suggestion.

He will therefore start from scratch on the path of heroism as an atonement. He did, after all, hold the hand Deku extended toward him.

Then, as Aoyama hands Deku a piece of cheese, he breaks down in tears. Aoyama promises Aizawa that he would stand behind his friends in the future.

After revealing a surprise and causing the children to cry, Aoyama starts shooting lasers in all directions because he thinks the students will be moved by his attitude.

Shinso will be enrolling in class 2-A!

Aoyama even feels left out and fires the lasers again because the students are so enthused about them.

Mineta is startled when she sees Hagakure thanks to Aoyama’s lasers. Just as he is ready to declare, “There was a goddess among us this entire time,” Aizawa uses his capture weapon to suffocate him.

Under Fuwa’s direction, the 2nd and 3rd years will travel the nation to maintain security and assist with reconstruction.

Books on history will discuss the time following AM’s retirement and the Battle of Jaku, but much of this mayhem will remain unrecorded.

According to Shoto, AFO was founded in the midst of this turbulent time. Fuwa bids 2-A farewell and remarks that she envies them for avoiding Aizawa’s expulsion prank.

It was frightening, but it also helped her realize why she wanted to be a hero.

Fuwa departs, but Deku remains thoughtful. Students talk about how enthusiastic they are about the new first-years arriving tomorrow after school.

Uraraka interrupts Deku as he is about to speak, explaining that he had to remove his hair due to surgery and that she hopes it grows back.

Sato remarks on Tokoyami’s new appearance, pointing out that his “hair” has grown back.

Though he admits it wasn’t deliberate, Tokoyami finds it endearing. In a panel, Deku remains dejected as Uraraka smiles.

Cut to a strange man crying and panting as he walks through the streets that have been demolished.

We don’t know this character.

His hair is black, and his outfit closely resembles Kurogiri’s post-arrest attire.

We see a panel of a ruined house, and he is grieving as he touches a wall that has been destroyed.

Shoto responds that he will attend Aoyama’s goodbye party—as long as it’s not today—when Deku asks.

Shoto assures Deku that everything would be alright despite his frightened appearance.

Shoto steps in the other direction, and we observe Endeavor facing a large apparatus while seated in a wheelchair.

The chapter ends here, with the manga going on a break next week.